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Howie Roseman Says Eagles Won't Honor Sam Bradford's Trade Request

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Looks like Sammy Sleeves is in Philadelphia for the long haul. At least, for now.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

A handful of minutes after the Eagles selected their quarterback of the future, Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson were, as expected, juggling questions about disgruntled current quarterback Sam Bradford.

Roseman and Pederson both said they have not had any contact with Bradford since the 28-year-old quarterback requested a trade, but that they intend on having Bradford be the team’s starting quarterback this season, despite selecting Carson Wentz No. 2 overall Thursday night.

Roseman was prompted on whether he would grant Bradford’s request for a trade, and shut it down.

"No, Sam’s our quarterback," Roseman said. "We’ve been clear about that from the first time we had this conversation."

Since the Eagles traded with the Cleveland Browns to acquire the No. 2 pick in this year’s draft, which they used on Wentz, Bradford has decided not to show up for the voluntary section of the team’s offseason workout program.

Roseman and Pederson both asserted that they were okay with Bradford missing the optional workouts, and said they will welcome him back when he returns to the team.

"It’s a voluntary process as we go through the offseason," Pederson said. "It gives us the opportunity to give the other guys some time, some reps, and again, as soon as [Bradford] gets back here, we plug him in and we catch him up. He’s a sharp kid. He’ll be ready to go."

Roseman and Pederson said they both were very upfront with their quarterbacks during the process of trading up and selecting Wentz.

"We let all our quarterbacks know there was an opportunity there, and we were going to take advantage of it, and we did that," Pederson said.

Pederson, who is in his first offseason as an NFL head coach, said he’s never been a part of a situation like this before, where a team’s incumbent quarterback is unhappy with his situation.

"Obviously this is my first go-round with this; even as a player I didn’t have these situations," Pederson said. "But hey, listen: at the end of the day, it’s a competition. Sam’s our guy. We’re going forward with Sam Bradford. We’ll welcome him back when he gets here, and we’re ready to go."

Roseman handled a pair of tough questions with deflections.

When asked whether he was disappointed in Bradford’s reaction to the Eagles’ trade, Roseman said the night was about Wentz, not Bradford.

Later, when asked whether the Eagles had received trade offers for Bradford, Roseman said he doesn’t talk about the team’s interactions and discussions with other teams.

To say the least, the Bradford situation will be interesting going forward.