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Carson Wentz's Twitter is interesting

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Get to know more about the Eagles next QB.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

As a small school prospect, Carson Wentz has only recently entered the public spotlight. In-depth profiles of him and his life have started to pop up, and after he is drafted, presumably by the Eagles, even more will be written and give us a glance into the personality of one of the top picks in the NFL draft. But we can also get interesting and humorous insight into the mind of Carson Wentz through his Twitter account, which is pretty much exactly what you would expect from a kid but reveals so much more about him.

He's basically ready to play for the Eagles

Or not.

No, wait, he's ready.

He will probably like a cheesesteak

He has total ginger awareness

He has questionable movie tastes.

Let's hope he doesn't find his way to a Kenny Chesney concert.

He may not be ready for city life.

H/T to Matt Mullin and Arkansas Fred for finding some of these.