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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Mike Mayock gives the Eagles the No. 1 player on his board

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NFL draft guru Mike Mayock released his one and only mock draft that he does each year with less than 24 hours to go until the 2016 NFL Draft. You won't be surprised to see that Mayock has the Eagles taking the player everyone expects them to draft at No. 2: North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz.

"Who would have thought back in October that the No. 1 player on my board would be from North Dakota State? Wentz is a great athlete, but has a different game than Goff. Wentz is more like Andrew Luck, but he might not be ready to start on Day 1 for the Eagles."

As you can tell, Mayock is a big Wentz fan. Last week Mayock explained why Eagles fans are going to love Wentz, assuming he ends up in Philadelphia.

"I do think he can handle it. I've gotten to know this kid a little bit, more than I typically get to know a kid which makes me more confident in my quarterback evaluations. So let's forget all the physical traits and go to the intangibles. Talking about a mid-Western kid with mid-Western values and work ethic. He's a Division I player that goes to the Senior Bowl, and he's not overwhelmed at all. As a matter of fact, he's the best quarterback there by far. Handled himself beautifully. Every team I talked to at the Senior Bowl fell in love with this kid.

Now there is increased pressure in Indianapolis with the combine. Again, handled it beautifully. People come away buzzing about this Carson Wentz kid. I go to his Pro Day in Fargo, North Dakota, I spend a day and a half, his teammates love him, his coaching staff loves him. He has more freedom at the line of scrimmage for a college quarterback than just about anybody I've seen since Andrew Luck. He changes the plays.

He's never gotten a B in school. He's intelligent. He's got a great work ethic, he loves the game of football, and if you're talking about having a passion and being the face of a franchise, this is the kid. And I do believe he'll handle Philadelphia because he'll work so hard and be so humble. I think the blue collar Philly fans are going to love him."

The Eagles wouldn't have traded all the draft picks they did to move up to No. 2 if they didn't really believe in the quarterback they're about to draft. Whether you feel good about Wentz or not, the Eagles finally will have a potential franchise quarterback they feel super strongly about. It's been too long since they've been able to say that.

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