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2016 NFL Draft Order: Philadelphia Eagles own seven draft picks

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Here's a reminder where the Eagles will be picking.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft is tomorrow. Now is good of a time as ever to reminder you that the Philadelphia Eagles own a total of seven draft selections. Here's how they stack up.

Eagles 2016 Draft Picks

1st - No. 2 - (from the Cleveland Browns)

3rd - No. 79

5th - No. 153

5th - No. 164 - (from the Pittsburgh Steelers)

6th - No. 188

7th - No. 233

7th - No. 251 - (from the Arizona Cardinals)

The Eagles only have their own picks in the third, fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds.

Philadelphia traded away their second round pick for Sam Bradford last offseason. The Eagles traded the first round pick (No. 8) they got from the Dolphins (No. 8), a 2016 third round pick (No. 77) they received from the Detroit Lions last year, and a fourth round pick from the Titans in the DeMarco Murray trade (No. 100) in order to go up to No. 2. The Eagles are going to take a quarterback with the second overall pick, and it's widely expected to be Carson Wentz.

The Eagles have an extra fifth round pick due to the Brandon Boykin trade. The seventh round pick from the Cardinals is thanks to the Matt Barkley trade from last summer as well.

Only having three picks in the top 153 means the Eagles will have to do a lot of waiting after picking their quarterback at No. 2. That's not a lot of fun and it means the Eagles will miss out on the chance at good talent. That's the cost of trading to get in position for a potential franchise quarterback, though.

Just because the Eagles enter the draft with seven selections doesn't mean they'll leave with seven new players. Howie Roseman is very active when it comes to the trade market. He might package picks at some point to trade up (again). He might trade down for more picks. It's possible that the Eagles might trade some of their current players for picks.

As always, it should be an exciting weekend.