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NFL insider throws out a hypothetical Sam Bradford trade offer from the Broncos

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NFL insider Adam Schefter appeared on the 97.5 The Fanatic morning show on Tuesday morning and said he thinks it would take more than a second round pick for the Eagles to trade Sam Bradford. Schefter spoke with 97.5 The Fanatic again on Wednesday morning and reiterated that the Birds aren't willing to move Bradford at just any cost.

"You’re also making the the assumption that Philadelphia automatically would just trade Bradford," Schefter said speaking to Anthony Gargano. "I don’t think it’s that simple. I don’t think they’re trading Bradford for anything short of a compelling offer. I just don’t think they’ll move him. I think if there’s a compelling offer you have to think about it.

Gargano and Schefter then started speculating about what a potential trade offer from the Denver Broncos, who reportedly inquired about Bradford earlier this week, could look like.

"They’re not getting two [second round picks] for Sam Bradford," Schefter said. "How about a … I don’t know, I’m thinking here. A fourth and a player?"

Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby and and wide receiver Cody Latimer have been suggested by Eagles beat writers as potential players Denver could move. Howie Roseman reportedly liked Roby heading into the 2014 NFL Draft. I can tell you that I heard Roseman liked Latimer while Chip Kelly preferred Jordan Matthews.

Schefter also gave an update on the latest he's heard about Eagles-Broncos trade talks.

"I know [the Broncos] were in touch on Monday and I know that it sounded like it didn’t go very far," he said. "Both sides were pretty quiet yesterday which tells you one of two things: it’s either not moving along very [fast] at all, or they’re engaged in backroom dialogue to see if they can make anything happen. It’s one of those two. The moment of truth is almost upon us. It’s the great part of the draft."

"Like we said, everybody’s got to show their cards. If anything was going to happen, I would think this would be the week that it would and we’ll find out whether it does."

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