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Sam Bradford might be intentionally trying to make Eagles fans hate him

Think about it.

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

There's been a lot of Sam Bradford hate going around ever since the 28-year-old quarterback decided to skip offseason workouts and demand a trade earlier this week. Bradford has been called: soft, weak, disillusioned, and "an entitled baby" ... among other unpleasant things. The comments made by Bradford's agent, Tom Condon, this week have only fueled the fire. Condon said some real ridiculous stuff. It's almost like he's actively trying to make his client even more hated in Philadelphia. And maybe that's no accident.

The Eagles have made it publicly clear that they don't want to trade Bradford. Condon said the team denied his request to shop his client to other teams. Assuming the Eagles legitimately don't want to trade Bradford, there's not much he can do to force his way out. He doesn't have much leverage. He can opt to not show up to voluntary workouts, sure, but eventually it will be time for mandatory practices. If he misses those ones, he'll lose money. As time goes on and he misses practice, he only starts to hurt himself. He's potentially going to be behind in the offense, which could negatively affect his performance in 2016. If Bradford struggles in 2016, he hurts his future earning potential.

So what other option does Bradford really have? Hey, that's where you come in! Bradford and his client can hope that you, the fan, gets soooooo mad at him that pressure is placed on the Eagles to get rid of him. Bradford's side can't imagine the Eagles will want to see their starting quarterback get booed the whole season, right? Because that's totally what's going to happen if/when he's forced to return. Why should fans root for the career underachiever who has been overpaid the entirety of his career and doesn't even want to be in Philadelphia anyway?

"Fan pressure" is one of the only cards that Bradford and his agent can play, so they're playing it. They figure Bradford doesn't have much to lose if he's going to be gone next year anyway. If the Eagles cave and trade Bradford, their strategy will have worked.

But if the Eagles DON'T cave, well, then Bradford better get used to being booed ...

... even more than usual.

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