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16 Zesty NFL Draft Predictions for 2016

It could be a wild draft. Could be zesty!

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Adam and Patrick, one of the reasons I'm excited that the Eagles are drafting early is that we don't have to sit there and watch a guy we all like get passed on a few times, get excited that he might fall, and then have some team take him a few picks before the Eagles are on the clock. See (Cooks, Brandin). Which is one of the reasons Howie Roseman traded up twice so that he wouldn't have to either. This year we get to celebrate or hate the Eagles pick really early, then spend the rest of the draft kicking back and enjoying the chaos.

And considering the fluidity that is expected in this draft, there could be a lot of chaos. Zesty draft chaos. It's time for some Zesty Draft News Predictions!

There's always a player or two who "drops" because the media completely overrates what the league thinks of them. Give me some zesty drops.

Adam: Laquon Treadwell will fall out of the Top 20 because of his disappointing 40-yard dash, and he'll be a goddamn steal for whichever team picks him in the mid-20s. Reminder: Danny Amendola ran a slow 40 (read: slower than Treadwell), but we all still call him "quick." Why? Because that's a coded word for a small, white receiver, and because he's actually fairly quick with the ball in his hands. Treadwell is fast enough, and everything else lines up. The kid is explosive.

Dave: I like it. Anquan Boldin *cue the comments* dropped because he ran a bad 40. He wasn't even the first WR taken by the Cardinals that year! 40 time is still overrated. I can see Miles Jack dropping out of the top 10 due to health concerns and whoever takes him will be called a genius for it. And I can see Ezekiel Elliott dropping out of the top 10 and whoever takes him will be called a genius for it. Ronnie Stanley, who is being pumped by the media as almost as good as Laremy Tunsil, will be the third OL drafted.

Patrick: Paxton Lynch doesn't go in the first round. Some teams will trade for Bradford, Nick Foles and god knows who else, leaving your favorite celebrity chef's favorite magician to slip out of the first round.

Dave: I thought Eli Apple was everyone's favorite chef. Hmm. The other side of the "drop" coin is the "riser." Because someone has to fill that void of the dropped players, others will be drafted higher than expected. Anyone you see?

Adam: Derrick Henry will go in the first five picks of the second round. Using a second-round pick he acquired from Denver in the inevitable Bradford deal, Howie Roseman will try to maneuver into position to snag the Alabama rusher, but he'll get boxed out due to a dearth of fungible assets in this draft.

Dave: I'm totally fine with Howie not being able to get a RB who had over 390 carries last year. I'm going to go with Will Fuller being a surprise 1st round pick, and I'm looking forward to the undue praise a team gets for taking Cody Whitehair, a 24 year old guard, in the 1st. I agree with Patrick about Paxton Lynch falling and can see Christian Hackenberg going before him. Some dumb team has probably fallen in love with Hackenberg's overrated freshman year and thinks "I have to get this guy." Three years later they will be fired.

Of course, there's always trades. We've already seen three this year and the draft hasn't even started. There's definitely going to be more.

Patrick: Sam Bradford gets reunited with an old friend... that's right, Mark Sanchez! The Eagles will put together a draft-day trade and ship their disgruntled starter to the Mile High City.

Dave: I can see that. Cleveland will trade up from the first pick of the 2nd round with Carolina or Arizona to jump Denver. Then San Francisco and Denver can't agree on compensation for Kaepernick again, and Denver settles for The Diaper Baby.

Patrick: We will hear reports that, once again, Jerry Jones had to be physically restrained from drafting Johnny Manziel. This happens despite the entire war room telling him "that's not how this works."

Dave: That's wild.

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