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NFL Trade Rumors: Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford drawing interest from three teams

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Is there a market for Bradford?

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Three NFL teams are rumored to be interested in trading for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford, according to NFL insider Jason Cole.

"In addition to the Broncos, who are obviously looking for a new starting quarterback after the retirement of Peyton Manning, the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills expressed interest in Bradford a year ago," Cole said via Bleacher Report. "The Bills are strongly looking at a quarterback with their draft pick this year and the Browns are expected to draft a quarterback somewhere in the first round or later in this draft this year as well."

"The big issue here, however, is what are the Eagles going to do about the $11 million signing bonus that they already gave to Bradford when he signed a two-year deal earlier this offseason? The question for the Eagles is do they want to keep the headache of having Bradford around? Or do they somehow want to find a way to settle this and ultimately trade him?"

We've already heard that the Broncos have some interest in Bradford. They reportedly inquired about him but determined the Eagles' asking price was too high. Denver has a clear and obvious need at quarterback.

As for the Browns and Bills, Cole noted they had interest in Bradford last year. Things have changed since then. The Browns have a new front office and new head coach. If they really wanted Bradford, he probably would have been included in the Eagles-Browns trade last week involving the No. 2 pick. Buffalo doesn't really need a quarterback with Tyrod Taylor still around. It seems more likely the Bills would have interest in drafting a guy to have behind Tyrod.

So basically I think the Broncos are the only team really interested in Bradford here. Denver also still might be in the mix for Colin Kaepernick depending on what the San Francisco 49ers end up doing. If the 49ers move on from Kaepernick, perhaps Chip Kelly would want to go after Bradford, but he might actually be OK with Blaine Gabbert as their starter. And if Trent Baalke is truly in charge, it's not Kelly's call anyway. The New York Jets have a quarterback vacancy to some extent but it just seems like Ryan Fitzpatrick will re-sign there sooner or later. The Jets also have interest in drafting a passer.

In summation, I don't think there's a very robust market for Bradford, just like how there wasn't going to be one in free agency. Who really wants an injury-prone, average at best starter who is about to turn 29 years old?

The Eagles have insisted they don't want to trade Bradford and instead view him as their starter. But Bradford doesn't want to be in Philly. Eventually one side is going to have to give in.

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