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Did Chase Daniel throw shade at Sam Bradford?

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Sam Bradford didn't attend the Eagles' offseason workout program today because he wants to be traded. But do you know who did attend? That's right, the guy who just might be starting if Bradford gets traded. Hello there, Chase Daniel.

Maybe I'm reading into things too much here but I can't help but feel like the "offense looked sharp as ever" line is a slam at Bradford not being be there. (More like Slam Bradford, amirite?)

But, yeah, if Bradford really does get traded, it seems like Daniel would be the team's starting quarterback. He obviously has experience with Doug Pederson from their last three years together in Kansas City. He's expected to be a placeholder (just like Doug Pederson once was) while the rookie quarterback (Carson Wentz?) that the Eagles draft spends time on the bench adjusting to the NFL.

Daniel is doing his best to prepare for the upcoming season by showing up for work and doing his job. That's more than you can say for one certain Eagles quarterback.