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Carson Wentz grew up wanting to be like Brett Favre

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Get to know more about the (potential) new Eagles QB.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There are only a few days left until the Philadelphia Eagles probably, maybe, likely draft Carson Wentz with the No. 2 overall pick. There's clearly no better way to pass the time than to read up on all the (what seems like) billions of articles being written about him. Now Wentz himself is joining in. The quarterback wrote a piece about what it's like growing up in North Dakota for The Players' Tribune. Here are some highlights.

Did you know Wentz was a running back before he was a quarterback?

When I started out in the Bismarck youth football league, I was a running back. Now, I wasn’t a shifty, finesse running back. I was an up-the-gut, everyone-knows-where-the-ball-is-going, punch-you-in-the-mouth running back. Since I was a kid, I’ve had the mentality that if you’re going to tackle me … well, I’m going to make sure it hurts. I was pretty skinny — lanky even — but you can get away with that when you play hard and aren’t afraid of contact. And contact was always my favorite part of the game — still is. It was kind of funny, honestly. I was this crazy, string-bean kid trying to truck kids into the end zone. And a lot of the time, I did.

Wentz is obviously a lot bigger now, and he uses that size to his advantage. Watch him as a runner and you'll see he's not shy to initiate contact.

It probably won't shock you to learn that Wentz grew up as a Vikings fan. But one of the quarterbacks he idolized as a kid played for Minnesota's rival.

I grew up a Vikings fan. Jerseys, hats, posters on my wall — all of that. But despite that, I always loved watching Brett Favre. I just admired the way he played football. Nobody ever questioned how serious or competitive he was, and the way he showed off those qualities is what made me love him. The guy would get licked and then get back up, throw a 40-yard bomb and run around the field jumping and laughing like a little kid. He wasn’t out there to manage the game. He was a gunslinger. The guy flat out made plays. That’s the quarterback that I wanted to be.

The entire piece is worth reading. Wentz seems pretty confident the adjustment from Division I FCS to the NFL won't be a big problem for him. Definitely go check it out.