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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Peter King reveals his pick for the Philadelphia Eagles

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Guess who?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft is almost here! Only three days away. In the meantime, here's a look at our last Mock Draft Monday post. This week we're doing things a little different and starting off with Peter King's mock draft.

Philadelphia: Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State. - Remember one little factoid (wrote this a couple weeks ago) about the "why are they investing so much in quarterbacks" quandary: Eagles have $34 million guaranteed for two passers, Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel, but $25 million of that comes this year when, barring a wildcat strike by a peeved Bradford, both will surely be on the team. If they deal Bradford after the season, that’s a waste of $4 million guaranteed on his contract for 2017. Wentz would be projected to be the opening day 2017 starter.

No surprise here. There's been a lot of talk about how the Eagles have spent big money on quarterbacks. King correctly points out how a lot of that money is for this year. The Eagles want to be competitive in 2016. Meanwhile, picking Wentz is about the long-term.

Now let's take a look at who SB Nation's Dan Kadar has the Birds taking.

Wentz has skyrocketed from possible first-round pick 12 months ago to being a surefire pick with teh second overall selection in the draft. Wentz's ascension has been impressive. Even just in January Wentz was a mid-round player in the first round. Then teams got comfortable with him and pushed him up.

We've talked about Wentz a lot ever since the Eagles have traded up to No. 2. Here's what Mike Mayock recently had to say about him.

So he's always been my number one quarterback since back in the fall. He's crossed off every check mark since. I took a lot of abuse a month or two ago for saying that I thought Wentz and Goff were every bit in the conversation with last year's Mariota and Winston. And I still believe it, and apparently two other NFL teams do, if they're willing to give up that kind of fire power to move up and get those guys."

Here's a really good article on Wentz.

Carson Wentz lacks the blinding speed of a Michael Vick but he possesses the athleticism needed to escape and get value on broken plays. With a thicker, 6’5″ frame, Carson Wentz has the sight-lines and hopefully the durability, Michael Vick didn’t possess. And unlike Michael Vick, he isn’t overly reliant on his athletic ability, showing an understanding of defenses, operating with pro-style patterns, and making calls at the line of scrimmage. This lends credence to the idea that Carson Wentz can hopefully develop a better understanding of how to operate an offense than Michael Vick was capable of. With a bigger frame and a more powerful arm, Wentz lacks the physical shortcomings that plagued Kevin Kolb. And he has the nimble athleticism, pocket mobility, and ball velocity that Nick Foles can only dream of.

So, how are you feeling about this pick?