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NFL Trade Rumors: Sam Bradford will NOT ask Eagles to move him

Sounds like Sleeves is here to stay.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after the Eagles traded up to the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, a report emerged that Sam Bradford was unhappy with the deal. Then there was another report that indicated Bradford was "likely" to ask for a trade. According to Charles Robinson from Yahoo, however, Bradford has not and will not ask to be moved out of Philadelphia.

"Sam Bradford has not asked for a trade from the Philadelphia Eagles and has no plans to do so, two sources close to the quarterback have told Yahoo Sports. While Philadelphia could still deal Bradford during the draft or ensuing offseason, the sources said Bradford is prepared to prove to the Eagles that he's a franchise quarterback. He'll embrace the challenge if he remains in Philadelphia, sources said, despite being upset that the team surrendered draft assets that could have helped him."

Notice that Robinson's report does not dispute the notion that Bradford is unhappy. That's to be expected. The Eagles made a move to acquire a rookie quarterback that will likely be Bradford's replacement. The trade doesn't help Bradford the way taking an offensive lineman or a running back early in the draft would have. It's only natural that he's disappointed, but then again he really only has himself to blame. He hasn't done much during his career to prove he's a reliable long-term option as a franchise passer.

Howie Roseman stressed that Bradford is still the team's starting quarterback despite the fact the Birds are taking a quarterback at No. 2 overall.

"Let me be clear: Sam Bradford is our starting quarterback," he said. "We've told Sam that. We intend to support him and the moves we've made this offseason, we believe, will give us a chance to compete this season."

The Bradford trade rumors never made a lot of sense because moving him means creating $11 million in dead money. Not to mention both Roseman and head coach Doug Pederson have publicly committed to him as the starter.

With that said, it's still very possible the Eagles trade Bradford after this season. In an ideal world, Bradford will play decent enough this season for the team to be able to move him for a draft pick next offseason. Getting a pick back would help offset some of the ammunition the Birds gave up to move to No. 2. Or maybe Bradford plays well enough that the Eagles just keep him for the second year of his two-year contract.

There's clearly pressure on Bradford to perform. If he doesn't step up and show major improvement this season, the Birds are eventually going to turn to the quarterback, which most people expect to be Carson Wentz, they draft at No. 2.

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