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Eagles News: Study shows Philadelphia is one of the best teams at drafting in the past 20 years

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 4/23/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

How the Philadelphia Eagles have fared in the NFL draft - Washington Post
The Eagles have been more successful in the draft than the NFL average since 1996. Their best pick was Donovan McNabb in 1999 and their biggest bust was Jerome McDougle in 2003.

Watching Wentz - Iggles Blitz
You can see how physically gifted Wentz is. He has a strong arm and can make every throw. He can be very accurate. He needs to be more consistent with his downfield accuracy, but he will make some absolutely terrific throws. Wentz isn’t afraid to put the ball into tight spots. He will give his receivers a chance to make plays for him. I wish he would do this more often, but he will do it at times. QB runs were a regular part of the NDSU offense. He ran for 936 yards and 12 TDs over the past 2 seasons. Some QBs don’t want to take advantage of their mobility. Wentz likes to run and he’s very good at it.

Eagles 2016 NFL Draft preview: Interior offensive line - PhillyVoice
Dahl is an offensive lineman with positional versatility. At Washington State, Dahl played both at guard and tackle. He'll almost certainly move back to guard in the pros. While Dahl does not have great athleticism, he's a good "try hard" player. For example, if you care enough, watch his game against Oregon this year. At the 0:22 mark, watch him miss the block on a linebacker in space, and then come back and bury him, opening up room for his back to run. Meanwhile, he held up well going up against a potential top 10 overall pick in DeForest Buckner. You'll also see just how pass-heavy the Cougars' offense was, so Dahl has more than his share of reps in pass protection working as a blind-side blocker.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Howie’s Ill-Advised Gamble - Birds 24/7
Howie Roseman was making his comeback. He drew up contracts to ensure key players will remain with the Eagles for several more years. He brought in a couple of talented free agents who appear to fill major holes quite nicely. And he seemed adept at managing the juggling act of trying to win in the short-term while being mindful of the long-term. But he suffered a setback on Wednesday when he decided to trade up in the draft to presumably use the No. 2 overall pick on Carson Wentz. The main talking point around the NovaCare Complex two days ago was about how unique of an opportunity it was to get that high up in the draft. Roseman is absolutely right about that, but he left out an important piece of information.

Ravens' Flacco Knows Route From FCS -
A local product from Audubon, New Jersey, Flacco was recently a guest on 97.5 The Fanatic’s Ron Jaworski Show, joining the former Eagles quarterback to talk about the upcoming draft. With the trade announced just a few hours before the show, Wentz’s ability to make the jump to the NFL level was the biggest topic of conversation with the Ravens’ quarterback. "When you’re a quarterback, it’s all relative to a certain point," Flacco said. "You’re not throwing to a 6-4 receiver that runs a 4.3 against (FCS) corners. You’re throwing to (FCS) receivers against FCS corners … Obviously, there are guys that are very good and very talented players, but my whole point is that as a quarterback it’s all relative. The windows are still the same. It might not be technically as fast as some of the higher level games, but at the end of the day the window is just as small because everybody on the field is notched down a little bit.

Wentz has the tools, but FCS competition raises red flags for Eagles - Inquirer
Wentz was still far from where he is now - poised to be selected by the Eagles with the No. 2 pick in the draft Thursday. He would go on to have better games with gaudier statistics against FCS (formerly Division I-AA) programs, but that performance was an indicator for some NFL teams that Wentz could eventually handle a jump greater than his FBS counterparts will have to endure. "If you haven't spent time with a guy like Carson Wentz, it's hard from the outside looking in," Eagles coach Doug Pederson said last week, two days before his team traded up for the second pick. "You probably may go, 'North Dakota State, smaller school, might be an issue.' "But when you finally get him and get him into your building and get your hands on him, have a chance to visit with him, talk to him, and just break it down, this kid's pretty impressive."

NFL draft profile: North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz - Yahoo
"He still needs that snap-to-snap consistency, you see little little hitches here and there in his dropbacks. But the polish is there for the most part. He's been well-coached. You can't fool him up on the board either. We gave him a play [at the combine], wiped it off the board right away, fired off about 15 questions to him in the next 12 minutes and had him give it back to us, progression and all. 'Well, what is the safety rotates right before the snap? What if it's man? Cover-3?' He knew what to do. It was like he had run the play 50 times." — AFC quarterbacks coach

Just how important is a quarterback anyway? - CSN Philly
Look at the last eight Super Bowl winners, all different teams with different signal-callers. Of the eight, only two were top-10 picks — Peyton and Eli Manning, both selected first overall. Two — Aaron Rodgers and Joe Flacco — were taken in the latter half of round one. And three — Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson -- were found in the second round or later. It should also be noted that along with Ben Roethlisberger (11th overall), these eight quarterbacks are responsible for 15 of the last 16 world championships. The 16th, in case you are wondering, is Brad Johnson, a ninth-round pick. To put that in perspective, 29 quarterbacks were chosen with a top-10 pick in the draft in the past 20 years. Only the two named Manning have won a Super Bowl — four between them — while roughly half of the list can be comfortably labeled as busts.

Third-day NFL Draft picks, first-year difference makers - Sports on Earth
NFL teams hope to get 16 or more starts out of their rookies if they're selected in the first round, but here are 10 players who could come up from the third day, based on current media projections, and surprise their NFL teams with great value for the draft dollar.

Rams announce end of Goff visit, pub both Goff and Wentz on team website - PFT
Quarterback Jared Goff completed his visit with the Rams Thursday, a week before the Rams make the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. The Rams hosted both Goff and Carson Wentz this week. It’s believed that the Rams last week and the Eagles this week traded up to the top two spots in the draft to select quarterbacks, though the Rams have not said if they’ll select Goff or Wentz.

Revisiting the 2013 NFL Draft shows us no pick is ever safe - SB Nation
The 2013 NFL Draft may be one of the worst of the modern era. Let's take a look back at the first-round picks and see what lessons can be learned from this.

You're invited to the BGN draft party - BGN
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