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Quick update on the draft picks in the Eagles-Browns trade

It's just a minor thing.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

When the terms of the trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns were announced on Wednesday, they looked like this.

Philadelphia Eagles receive

2016 first round pick - No. 2 overall

2017 fourth round pick*

Cleveland Browns receive

2016 first round pick - No. 8 overall
2016 third round pick - No. 77 overall
2016 fourth round pick - No. 100 overall

2017 first round pick

2018 second round pick


The official NFL transaction page looks a little different, however. Instead of the Eagles receiving a 2017 fourth round pick, it shows Philadelphia getting a conditional fifth round pick in 2017.

So why the difference? As it turns out, the condition is that the Eagles will get Cleveland's fourth as long as the Browns get a compensatory pick in that round. Prior to this year, teams weren't allowed to trade compensatory picks, but now they are.

The good news for the Eagles is that the Browns let a lot of players walk in free agency this year. Cleveland barely signed anyone, either, so that means they're likely to get compensatory picks. Which means the Eagles will likely get a fourth in next year's draft. And even if the Browns don't get a compensatory pick in the fourth round somehow, it might not make a huge difference because Cleveland's fifth rounder should be high anyway.

The bad news is this fourth is lower than originally expected. The Browns will probably be bad this season so getting a high round fourth selection next year would been ideal. Instead, the Eagles' pick from the Browns will be near the end of the round because that's where compensatory picks are awarded.

This little tidbit doesn't change much in the big picture. Just something you should know for future reference.

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