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Eagles fans want Philadelphia to pick Carson Wentz in the 2016 NFL Draft

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Birds fans have spoken.

Michael Chang/Getty Images

The votes are in and it's no surprise to see Eagles fans are split on Philadelphia's big trade up to the No. 2 overall pick. With over 6,000 voters entered (still time to cast yours here), 56% of fans do not approve of the trade and 44% do.

There are a number of reasons why the trade isn't popular. The Eagles gave up a lot of draft picks. They're taking a big risk on an uncertain commodity. Trading up to get a quarterback hinders Philadelphia's ability to address other roster holes on the team. It's not a move that helps the Eagles win in 2016.

The lack of immediate impact can be justified, however, if the quarterback the Eagles take with the second overall pick can develop into a legitimate franchise passer. Speaking of quarterbacks, there's a clear preference when it comes to who Eagles fans want.

The fans that prefer Wentz just might be in luck. Signs point to Jared Goff going off the board at No. 1 with Wentz slipping to No. 2 to Philadelphia. Goff is considered to be the more pro-ready passer of the two quarterbacks so he makes more sense for Los Angeles, which needs an immediate starter.

It'll be interesting to look back on these poll results in the future. It'll be a long time before we know whether the Eagles made the right move or not.