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Eagles News: NFL scout compares Carson Wentz to Ben Roethlisberger and Blake Bortles

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 4/21/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Scout compares Carson Wentz to Roethlisberger, Bortles -
"The guy he reminds me of is (Blake) Bortles. Everybody was so excited about Bortles because of the height and the athletic ability, and this guy has the same thing," the scout told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "At least Bortles played against big-time competition. At this point I just don't see where he's that accurate of a passer." The same scout sees something of Roethlisberger in the former North Dakota State star, as well. "He's big, athletic and has a freaking cannon," the scout said.

Howie Roseman says Sam Bradford is still Eagles' starting QB, unless he's not - PhillyVoice
Ideally, the Eagles could allow "Quarterback X" to sit for a year rather than throw him to the wolves as a rookie. Even more ideally, Bradford would play well in 2016, with "Quarterback X" progressing rapidly and showing that he can be the franchise guy. That would allow the Eagles to potentially flip Bradford during the 2017 offseason for a draft pick. In that scenario, a projected Eagles quarterback depth chart might look something like this.

Eagles Are No. 2 - Iggles Blitz
I know people want an immediate conclusion…good move or bad move? I want to see who the Rams pick and I want more time to wrap my head around this situation. I just didn’t expect this deal to happen so quickly, if at all. I thought a trade might happen next Tuesday or Wednesday. Seeing 2 trades before we even get to draft week is nuts. I don’t ever recall something like this happening. No matter what, I do give the Eagles credit for taking a chance. You don’t build a Super Bowl team without taking some risks. Remember that Peyton Manning had all kinds of health concerns when Denver signed him. Aqib Talib has had serious character issues. DeMarcus Ware was 32 and coming off a 6-sack season when the Broncos signed him. Those risky moves happened to pan out and Denver got another Lombardi for the trophy case.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Risk Of Trading Up - Birds 24/7
That’s generally where I come down on it. Opportunities to move up and select a potential star quarterback are few and far between. So long as you’ve done your homework and are confident the player is a high-end prospect, you might as well do it. I think it was the correct move for the Eagles, all considered, but there’s no guarantee this will break the right way. It’s 2016, not ’99. Pederson, not Reid. Wentz, not McNabb. And a trade up as opposed to standing pat, which means fewer resources in the draft and therefor a smaller margin for error in getting the picks right.

Eagles' roster uniquely built for trade up - CSN Philly
Of course, Washington's roster was already depleted before the organization gave away those picks, as teams choosing in the top 10 often are. They set themselves up for failure from the start, probably dragged their quarterback down with them. That's where the Eagles might prove different. Theirs is not a roster lacking in talent or that is even very far removed from the postseason. Remember, they began this process with the 13th pick, coming off an embattled 7-9 campaign. Since then, vice president of football operations Howie Roseman has been slowly building to this moment, identifying the Eagles' core players, trimming the fat and patching up holes, all while positioning the club to make a monumental leap up the draft board.

Carson Wentz is 'the real deal,' Ron Jaworski says -
ESPN NFL analyst and former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski believes that whenever Wentz steps onto the field, fans and the organization alike are going to be pleasantly surprised by what they see. "He's the real deal," Jaworski said Wednesday on 97.5 The Fanatic. "This has been a remarkable offseason for the Philadelphia Eagles. If you would have asked me this a few months ago, I would have said it is impossible to get into the top five picks, let alone to No. 2. Certainly, Howie Roseman, Tom Donahoe, Doug Pederson and Jeffrey Lurie have set the Eagles up very nicely."

Domowitch: Here's one vote against the trade - Daily News
Howie Roseman says the Eagles are in the quarterback investment business, and that’s why they decided to make the blockbuster trade with the Cleveland Browns Wednesday for the second pick in the draft. But a part of me, a big part of me, thinks the deal – which will result in the Eagles selecting the quarterback the Los Angeles Rams don’t want – either Jared Goff or more likely Carson Wentz -- also is about ridding themselves of one more memory of the Chip Kelly era.

Eagles, Browns Make Their Move - Rotoworld
The rationale, then, is sound, but the decision to give up so much for these particular quarterbacks is more questionable. Neither Goff nor Wentz is viewed in anything close to the same stratosphere as Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota were last season, and while Wentz has a ton of upside, his experience, deep accuracy and processing speed remain question marks. That said, Howie Roseman spoke about the perceived lack of talent in the next several quarterback classes when announcing the deal, and the Eagles likely believe they can iron out some of Wentz’s wrinkles as he develops behind Bradford. If Philadelphia views Wentz as clearly better than any of the top quarterbacks likely to be available in the next couple drafts – quarterbacks they might not be in a position to draft anyway – then, again, the move makes sense.

What's trending in the NFL: Eagles move up to No. 2 - ESPN
By giving away five picks, are they mortgaging the future? To a degree, yes. But I would argue that any future tied to Sam Bradford was hopeless anyway. Since 2010, 20 quarterbacks have attempted at least 2,000 passes. Among that group, Bradford ranks last in passer rating, yards per attempt and touchdowns. He's been afforded every excuse in the book, but expecting him to suddenly be a different guy after six seasons and 63 starts would be foolish.

Rare Draft Opportunity Seized By Eagles -
The key word in the huge deal that moves the Eagles into the No. 2 position in the first round of the NFL Draft next Thursday is this: Opportunity. The Eagles had one they felt they could not pass up, and now they are in position to select a franchise-altering quarterback next Thursday night ...

All signs point to the Rams drafting Jared Goff - SB Nation
The Rams say they haven't decided whether they'll take Cal's Jared Goff or North Dakota State's Carson Wentz, but reading between the lines and listening to what others in the NFL are saying, it becomes clear there's only one choice.

Ray Didinger’s Play ‘Tommy And Me’ - CBS Philly
Tommy and Me is an autobiographical play that recounts a seminal time in Ray Didinger’s life as he helps his lifelong hero, Tommy McDonald, reach his goal of being inducted into the pro football Hall of Fame "My character is split into two: there is the adult me, and then there’s the 10-year-old who actually develops this hero worship for Tommy McDonald," Didinger explained on the 94WIP Morning Show. Didinger needs to raise $35,000 by May 13th to make the play. You can donate HERE.

The BGN NFL Draft Party T-Shirts Are Here! - BGN
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