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Eagles Draft Picks 2016: Philadelphia still owns seven selections after trading with Browns

Here's where the Eagles will be selecting in this year's draft. For real this time.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The 2016 NFL Draft order changed yet again this offseason after the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns struck a deal involving the No. 2 overall pick. The Birds sent out five picks in total. So what do they have left? Here's a look.

Eagles 2016 Draft Picks

1st - No. 2 - (from the Cleveland Browns)
3rd - No. 79
5th - No. 153
5th - No. 164 - (from the Pittsburgh Steelers)
6th - No. 188
7th - No. 233
7th - No. 251 - (from the Arizona Cardinals)

As you can see, Philadelphia still owns seven picks in total. Prior to this trade, the Eagles had four picks in the top 100 (No. 8, No. 77, No. 79, and No. 100). Now they only have two in the top 79.

Another aspect of the Eagles-Browns trade involved Philadelphia sending future draft picks to Cleveland. Here's a look at future Eagles draft picks.

Eagles 2017 Draft Picks

4th - (from the Cleveland Browns)

The Eagles don't have a first round pick next year because they sent it to Cleveland in this deal. They do have their picks in every other round, however. Philadelphia also received the Browns' 2017 fourth round pick, which has a decent chance of being high since the Browns might be bad again.

Eagles 2018 Draft Picks


The Eagles own all their own picks two years from now except their second rounder.


Philadelphia doesn't lack a volume of draft picks. They own 20 picks over the next three drafts, which is only one less than the standard of 21 picks. The obvious difference is that they'll be missing some of their most valuable selections by sending a future first and future second to Cleveland.

If the Eagles are good in future seasons and this trade helps them secure their franchise quarterback, it'll be worth. If not, and they're bad, things could get ugly.

Keep in mind Howie Roseman is aggressive and likes to trade. It's not hard to imagine he could recoup some picks in future years by trading current players on the roster and/or moving around in the draft.