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Philadelphia Eagles will not trade Sam Bradford ... yet

Sleeves is here to stay.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles made a huge move on Wednesday to trade up to the No. 2 overall pick. It's clear the Birds moved up with a quarterback in mind. So this means the Eagles are going to trade Sam Bradford, right? Wrong.

A Bradford trade just isn't realistic from a financial perspective. The Eagles awarded Bradford with a two-year contract worth $35 million this offseason. $22 million of that is guaranteed. By trading Bradford this year, the Eagles would take an $11 million hit in dead money. It's just not happening. He'll be Philadelphia's starter in 2016.

Bradford status beyond this season is less certain, however. The Eagles clearly have reservations about him as their long-term starter if they were so willing to give up significant assets and draft a quarterback at No. 2. Assuming Bradford plays like he normally has to this point in his career, which is average at best, the Eagles will probably move on from him.

The Eagles can easily trade Bradford after this season. Shipping him off would only create $5.5 million in dead money and it'd save $17 million in cap space. Trading Bradford would allow the Eagles to make up for some of the draft picks they parted with in their trade to get up to No. 2.

But for now, Bradford is the Eagles' starter. He's not going anywhere this year.

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