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Howie Roseman asked Ray Didinger whether the Eagles should draft Carson Wentz or Jared Goff

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Earlier this week, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman had an informal sit-down meeting with Philadelphia media to answer questions about the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft. After the session was over, Roseman had a question of his owner for one media member. According to legendary sportswriter Ray Didinger, Roseman asked him about his quarterback preference in the 2016 NFL Draft. Via CBS Philly:

"It’s funny Howie Roseman did his briefing on Monday — he and [head coach] Doug Pederson did a briefing with the press," Didinger told the 94WIP Morning Show on Wednesday. "When it was over, Howie asked me off to the side, he said, ‘Do you like [Jared] Goff or [Carson] Wentz?’ He asked me."

"I said I like Goff," Didinger said. "I think [Roseman] was being polite, is all."

After consulting with Ron Jaworski in their head coaching search process, can we totally rule out the possibility of Roseman seriously considering Didinger's advice? Who knows, but I do think Roseman knew this little "story" was going to get out.

Howie's playing mind games right now and keeping everyone on their toes. No one seems to have a clue what the Eagles are going to do in the 2016 NFL Draft, which is probably a good thing. There's no shortage of rumors about the Eagles trying to trade up and draft one of the two quarterbacks that Roseman asked Didinger about. But will it actually happen? And if it does, which quarterback will potentially be there for the Eagles at No. 2?

If only Didinger could have gotten Roseman to answer which quarterback he prefers.