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NFL Trade Rumors: Here's what an Eagles-Browns draft deal could look like

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Do the Eagles and Browns have a deal in place?

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Earlier on Tuesday it was reported the Browns are actively shopping the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. The Philadelphia Eagles, who tried to trade up to No. 1, were named as a likely trade partner with Cleveland. Now there's a report of what an Eagles-Browns trade could possibly look like.

Philadelphia Eagles would receive

2016 first round pick (No. 2)

Cleveland Browns would receive

2016 first round pick (No. 8)
2016 third round pick (No. 77)
2016 third round pick (No. 79)

2017 first round pick
2017 third round pick


Here's how this rumored trade compares to the Rams-Titans trade that took place last week.

Tennessee Titans receive

2016 first round pick (No. 15)
2016 second round pick (No. 43)
2016 second round pick (No. 45)
2016 third round pick (No. 76)

2017 first round pick
2017 third round pick

Los Angeles Rams receive

2016 first round pick (No. 1)
2016 fourth round pick (No. 113)
2016 sixth round pick (No. 177)


According to the draft trade value chart, for what it's worth, the Browns' pick at No. 2 is worth 2,600 points. The Eagles' picks in this trade proposal from 2016 alone are worth 1,800 points. The combination of the 2017 first and third are likely more than the remaining 800 point difference depending where the Eagles finish in 2016.


The Eagles would presumably be moving up to take a quarterback at No. 2. Philadelphia reportedly believes Jared Goff will be the Los Angeles Rams' pick at No. 1, so the Birds must really like Carson Wentz. Doug Pederson praised both Goff and Wentz this week by calling them franchise quarterbacks, but he seemed especially enamored by Wentz. He called Wentz "elite" and said he's "everything you want in a quarterback."

Philadelphia has done their homework on quarterback prospects this offseason. The team clearly feels it's a long-term need despite having Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel under contract in the short-term. The Eagles haven't had a true franchise quarterback since Donovan McNabb. Pairing Pederson with a rookie is the franchise's attempt to recreate the magic the Eagles once had with Andy Reid and McNabb.

Would you do this deal?