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NFL Draft Rumors: Browns shopping No. 2 pick and Eagles could be likely trade partner

Moar rumors.

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As the 2016 NFL Draft draws closer, it seems more and more like the Cleveland Browns might not be making a pick at No. 2. Multiple reports indicate the Browns are looking to trade down. The first report came from Jeff Darlington of NFL Network.

Now Mary Kay Cabot of is chiming in.

"The Browns are actively shopping their No. 2 pick and initiating calls with teams in the top 10 to try to trade down, a league source confirmed for One likely trade partner, the source said, is the Philadelphia Eagles at No. 8, who were the runner-ups to the Rams in the sweepstakes to move up to No. 1 with the Titans."

Here's Adam Schefter.

In a recent interview on the Ross Tucker Football Podcast, Schefter said the Browns aren't drafting a quarterback and instead plan to sell the No. 2 pick to the highest bidder. Peter King of The MMQB said he "keeps hearing the Browns want to trade back" as well.

So with the Browns looking to move down, it's only logical that they would be connected to the Philadelphia Eagles, who reportedly tried hard to move up to the No. 1 pick. If the Eagles trade up to No. 2, they'd be guaranteed to get whichever quarterback the Rams don't take at No. 1 ... Jared Goff or Carson Wentz.

Tim McManus of Birds 24/7 reports "some people within the NovaCare walls feel that Goff will be L.A.’s pick." There have been conflicting reports about whether the Eagles prefer Goff or Wentz, but Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said he sees both as franchise quarterbacks. Pederson seemed to speak especially fond of Wentz, and it's possible he could be there at No. 2. There are conflicting reports about which quarterback the Rams might draft but Goff does seem like the logical pick in the sense he's considered to be the most pro ready. Los Angeles desperately needs an immediate starter or else they'll be forced to go with Case Keenum in the interim.

Trading up might not be so easy for the Eagles. The Rams gave up a ton of picks to the Titans in order to jump up from No. 15 to No. 1. That trade set the market for what it costs to move up. Philadelphia's lack of a second round pick this year obviously gives them less assets to work with as well. But maybe the cost won't be as expensive as it's thought to be? Here's an interesting note:

It's worth noting the Eagles have some extra late round picks. They have two picks in round five and two in round seven. I don't see how that would be super appealing to Cleveland in this situation, but if that's what the Browns want ... it's there.

We've heard rumors of the Eagles trying to trade up for nearly a month now. Back in March, one NFL executive said he could see Philadelphia trading up to No. 2 to take Wentz. If these recent rumors about Cleveland willing to move down, maybe that's just exactly what will happen.

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