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Myles Jack injury could cause interesting dilemma for Eagles in 2016 NFL Draft

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A top NFL Draft prospect reportedly has a bad knee. How does that impact the Birds?

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Assuming for a moment that the Eagles do not trade up in the 2016 NFL Draft, Philadelphia could have an interesting decision to make at No. 8. According to a report from Les Bowen, UCLA linebacker Myles Jack's knee injury is a serious long-term concern.

It appears there isn't a consensus ruling on Jack's status. Some teams are reportedly "OK" with it while others expected it to heal faster. Note that Jack suffered the torn meniscus in his knee back in late September. A recovery timeline of four to six months was projected at the time. It's been nearly seven months since then.

Some NFL teams seem to be really concerned with Jack's injury. Dane Brugler reports several teams have taken him off their board entirely.

"Doctors don't know if he'll play 10 games or 10 years," adds Brugler.

When healthy, Jack is clearly one of the most talented prospects in this year's draft class. He had a very productive college career. Not only was he a highly productive linebacker but he also showed a lot of potential as a running back as well. Mock drafts have commonly projected Jack as a top five pick, with the Jaguars being a common landing spot for him at No. 5 overall.

But will Jack's injuries cause him to fall? And if so, will the Eagles be interested? One rumor from earlier this offseason indicated Jack is the top player on Philadelphia's board. Eagles executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman personally attended Jack's pro day earlier this offseason. Despite not having an immediate need at linebacker, Jack might be too good to pass up.

Perhaps reports of Jack's injury situation are being overstated. Maybe teams that are currently out of Jack's range want him to fall to them. The pre-draft process is full of misdirection and smokescreens so it's hard to always fully believe what we hear.

Assuming the reports are true, however, the Eagles will have a very interesting decision to make if Jack is still on the board when they're on the clock.