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Eagles News: Some executives rank Paxton Lynch as the best quarterback in 2016 NFL Draft

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 4/16/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

2016 NFL Draft: Eagles should strongly consider Paxton Lynch at No. 8 -
It is also worth noting that when the college season ended, Lynch was considered the best quarterback in the draft, prior to the pre-draft workouts that often launch prospects higher than they should be due to 40-times and measurements.  Speaking to NJ Advance Media, three top personnel executives -- all of whom already have franchise quarterbacks -- gave their take on Lynch. And they nearly all agreed he was the best of the bunch. "I'm riding him out as the best. He took (Memphis) to another level. That was a two-win team without him.''

Eagles 2016 schedule: Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages - PhillyVoice
The Eagles get two opponents right off the bat who are not expected to be good in 2016. The Browns were 3-13 in 2015, while the Bears were 6-10. There's perhaps some logic that you would prefer to face your tougher opponents later in the season, when their roster may be altered due to injuries. For example, in 2013, the Eagles faced a Green Bay team without Aaron Rodgers and a Dallas team without Tony Romo on their way to a division title.

RB Rumors - Iggles Blitz
This report made one person very happy…Howie Roseman. I’m sure the Eagles do have legit interest in Elliott, but Roseman has to love this getting reported. If the Eagles are sitting at 8 and some team covets Elliott, it will make that team think strongly about moving up. This also helps to confuse the other 31 teams as to who the Eagles really do want to draft. Is Wentz their target? Goff? Is it possible that Roseman actually wants a RB that early? Sometimes you spend draft night waiting for your guy to fall to you. Other times you have to move up. And then there are those times when all your key targets get picked and the smart move is trading back. The less other teams know about your true intentions, the easier it is to get the results you want.

Draft Daily: Jacoby Brissett, An Intriguing QB - Birds 24/7
I think he’s a bit tricky to project because of the offense he played in at N.C. State. His experience under-center is attractive to NFL teams, but how much do you knock him for mental mistakes given the fact that he’s operating in a pro-style offense that demands more football IQ than many other college schemes? I’m guessing his meetings with teams and how he does on the board drawing plays will go a long way in determining that answer.

A quarterback is still in play for Eagles at the draft - Inquirer
The Eagles had every bit as much of a chance to move up as the Rams. They don't have the 2016 second-rounder Kelly shipped to St. Louis for Sam Bradford - and the Rams say, "Thank you very much" - but they do pick seven spots earlier in the first round. They explored the idea. The Eagles had discussions with the Titans, two NFL sources said, but they bowed out when the stakes got too high. There are two ways to read Roseman and Pederson's reluctance to pull the trigger: (1) They didn't believe their top-rated quarterback was worth that much, or (2) they believe they can still get either quarterback by trading up - and surrendering less - or standing pat.

Jeff Fisher says second-rounder from Bradford deal was key in trade with Titans - PFT
In the interview, Fisher tells us more about the trade, including that there were more teams in contention for the No. 1 pick but that the ability to throw in a second second-round pick this year (thanks to the Sam Bradford trade) became a key to boxing out the other teams.

Jordan Matthews learned more about Sam Bradford from trip - CSN Philly
I think people understand that Sam’s a private person, but I understood more (during the trip)," Matthews said. "I think people are like, ‘He’s a quarterback, he’s trying to [shut] everything out.’ I think that’s just who he is, man. And I don’t think enough people respect that in this age of people on social media, everything’s always out there. To kind of have this guy, who was the last quarterback before the CBA, all this news about him, this and that, he got hurt this year, he came back this year, all this stuff. I think sometimes it looks like he doesn’t care or something or he’s just passive. He’s not, man. He has a very competitive spirit. He’s just very private. I think that’s a great thing.

At First Glance, The 2016 Eagles Schedule -
At first glance, my favorite game might be the September 25 game at Lincoln Financial Field against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh is an outstanding team, loaded on offense, and the rivalry is renewed. But the Steelers will also be missing wide receiver Martavis Bryant and his explosiveness as Bryant is suspended for the season after violating the NFL’s Substance Abuse Policy. Expect a nasty, physical and extremely entertaining game. It’s going to be a great test to see how the Eagles stack up against one of the best teams in the league.

Making the 2016 Schedule - The MMQB
Last year the NFL had to work around a papal trip to Philadelphia, causing the Eagles to play on the road three of the first four weeks of the season. This year the four NFL scheduling mavens, led by league broadcasting czar Howard Katz, had Beyonce and Guns N’ Roses shows in several markets to work around, but nothing requiring Vatican intervention. "No Pope this year," Katz said late Thursday. That was an omen—a good one. The NFL found the schedule it loved on April 5, the 43,066th its computers spit out over 13 weeks of work. The schedule was announced Thursday night, eight days earlier than last year, when Pope Francis threw a monkey wrench into the process.

Three ways for the NFL to improve its schedule - Sports on Earth
The release of the 2016 NFL schedule ensures endless debate about which teams got a raw deal and which teams didn't. It doesn't have to be this way, though. Here's how the NFL can fix its schedule, make more money and create a safer game.

New York Giants Avoid Using The Word "Redskins" In Their Schedule Release (UPDATE) - Deadspin
Here’s the New York Giants’ schedule for the 2015-16 season. Notice which two games are not like the others?

The NFL must address gun awareness and conflict resolution among its young players - SB Nation
The league's player development process cannot afford to overlook the Will Smith tragedy.

The BGN NFL Draft Party T-Shirts Are Here! - BGN
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