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Another former Eagles player is retiring from the NFL

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Former Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Tanner Hawkinson is retiring from the NFL, according to an announcement from Jaguars PR guy Tad Dickman (hat tip to BGN alumnus Mike Kaye). Jacksonville claimed Hawkinson on waivers after he was cut by the Eagles earlier this month.

Hawkinson is the third former Eagles player to retire this offseason. The first was Eagles backup center David Molk. Then there have been rumors that Walter Thurmond, who is a free agent, is expected to retire.

It's not like these guys retired just because they ran out of opportunities. Thurmond reportedly turned down significant contract offers in free agency. Molk was under contract for the 2016 season. Hawkinson was claimed by the Jaguars, who are high in the waiver order, after being cut by the Eagles.

All three players retired relatively young as well. Hawkinson is 25, Molk is 27, and Thurmond is 28.

None of these retirement decisions have big impact on the Eagles but it is worth noting how some players are retiring earlier than expected in today's NFL.