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Positives and negatives about the Eagles' 2016 schedule

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The Philadelphia Eagles' 2016 schedule has been revealed (click here) and there are already plenty of record predictions out there. I've seen a number of people say the Eagles' schedule looks pretty tough on paper. Others seem more optimistic about Philadelphia's chances. So let's take a look at both sides of the coin: the positives and the negatives.


• Let's start with Week 1. The Eagles will open the season at home against the Browns. The Birds are already 7.5 favorites to win that game. That's a good chance for them to start the season 1-0.

• Travel won't be a huge factor in this schedule. The Eagles only have to travel 6,514 roundtrip miles outside of their 4,758 mile trip to Seattle and back home.

• The Eagles have a bye in Week 4 (more on that later) before they have two straight road games: at Detroit in Week 5 and at Washington in Week 6.

• Philadelphia will have a significant rest advantage over Dallas in Week 17. The Cowboys play on Monday Night Football in Week 16 (Dec. 26) before playing the Eagles six days later. The Birds, meanwhile, play the Giants on Thursday Night Football in Week 16 (Dec. 22). That gives them 10 days of rest, which is four more than the Cowboys have. That season finale could potentially decide the division.

• For the first time in franchise history, the Eagles will play all three of their NFC East rivals at home in the final four weeks. That could be a nice advantage to have down the stretch.


• The early bye week isn't cool. I think it'd be better placed in the middle of the reason when players might be in more need of rest.

• That three game stretch from Week 11 through Week 13 looks brutal. Getting a win in Seattle is really tough. Not having to play at Lambeau Field is good for the Birds but the Packers will still be a big challenge. Then the Birds have to travel to Cincinnati on a short week to play the Bengals. Things could get ugly in that trio.

• Last year the Eagles didn't play a single game against a team coming off their bye week. This year they get three games like that, and they're all in a row: Week 7 against the Vikings, Week 8 against the Cowboys, and Week 9 against the Giants. Two of those games are against division rivals and both of them are on the road. So that's a tough break.


Last year, 97% of voters said they liked the Eagles' schedule. I have a feeling the poll below isn't going to be so favorable this time around.

How are you feeling about the schedule?