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Eagles News: Jordan Hicks is fully healthy and ready to start at middle linebacker

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 4/15/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Fully healed, Jordan Hicks ready for MIKE and leadership role - CSN Philly
Hicks was medically cleared in February and then spent time in Austin (he went to the University of Texas before the Eagles’ used a third-round pick on him last season) to train and rehab some more. On Wednesday, Hicks said he’s "100 percent" and will participate fully in the team’s OTAs and minicamps in a few weeks.  That’s good news for the Eagles, who will be relying heavily on the second-year player in 2016. Earlier this offseason, head coach Doug Pederson said Hicks is penciled in at the middle linebacker spot in Jim Schwartz’s defense, with Mychal Kendricks (WILL) and Nigel Bradham (SAM) flanking him. Hicks said he "absolutely" expects to be the team’s starting middle linebacker.

Jordan Hicks ready to step into leadership role with Eagles - Daily News
Hicks said he isn't put off moving from Bill Davis' 3-4 to Jim Schwartz's 4-3, from inside linebacker to MIKE. "It's something I've done quite a bit of. I played it in college," he said. But of course, he didn't play it for Schwartz, behind defensive ends who will frequently pin their ears back in a Wide 9. "A lot of it, schemewise, is just 'Attack. Attack. Attack. D-line, just go.' That's his mentality, is go, and the linebackers clean it up," Hicks said. "I think it makes you rely more on your instincts."

Draft Craziness Starts Early - Iggles Blitz
We don’t know anything for sure, but that’s a group of different reporters all claiming the Eagles were in serious pursuit of the top pick. You would have to think they would keep talking to teams about moving up, especially if the cost is less. The key will be if there is a player they still covet. Not like, but covet. Do the Eagles have Wentz and Goff rated similarly? Do they really want both players? If not, they’ll only move up if the guy they like isn’t picked. You also have to wonder if this means Paxton Lynch becomes a serious target at number 8. I know the Eagles have checked him out thoroughly, but have no clue if they like him. I can’t stress this enough. You don’t take a QB for the heck of it. You have to truly believe in the player.

What would Eagles have to trade the Cleveland Browns for No. 2 pick? -
The Eagles current pick at No. 8 is valued at 1,400 points. The Cleveland Browns' pick at No. 2 is valued at 2,600 points, leaving the Eagles 1,200 points short. Despite having two third-round picks and two fifth-round picks, the Eagles don't have enough draft picks this year to equal the 2,600 points. That means they will have to send out future picks. If the Browns value the Eagles' first-round pick next season at 1,400 points, like the No. 8 pick is this year, it is possible they might take No. 8 this year and the team's top pick next season to complete the deal. If the Browns value the Eagles' pick at No. 13 (1,050 points), the Eagles' original pick, it would leave the Eagles roughly 50 points short of the 2,600 points the No. 2 pick is worth.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Eric Rowe’s Learning Curve - Birds 24/7
Despite the shift from the 3-4 to the 4-3, Rowe said "nothing major" will change with the scheme in the secondary, outside of running more press-man coverage. Rowe also confirmed the notion that Schwartz’s scheme can put more pressure on defensive backs. "He keeps saying: [My calls are] based on how much I trust the corners. That’s all I keep hearing. Based on how good the corners can play in man. Based on how good the corners can hold on the outside," Rowe said. "I can feel that pressure a little bit. I can definitely see it."

How Does Blockbuster Deal Impact Eagles? -
There is suspense within that decision, but the Rams seem certain to take one of the two. At No. 2 overall, Cleveland sits with new management, a new head coach and a fresh start after so many lousy seasons and awful draft decisions. Cleveland signed Robert Griffin III. The Browns are looking at this entire football picture from a fresh, new perspective. Do they think RGIII can lead the team for years to come? Or is the opportunity too great to pass up either Wentz or Goff at No. 2 overall? Is Cleveland open to trading the second pick in the draft? And if so, what kind of price would make the Browns say "Yes" to a trade? Is a team like the Eagles, one that has dotted all of its "T's" and crossed all of its "I's" researching quarterbacks prior to the draft, interested in making the move from No. 8 to No. 2?

Coaches' playing experience resonates with Eagles' Jordan Matthews - Morning Call
First, it's important to note that many of the NFL's greatest coaches of all time, from Vince Lombardi to Bill Belichick, never played in the league. But there was a revealing moment yesterday during Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews' half-hour meeting with reporters in which he suggested that the words and recommendations of the current coaching staff might carry a little more weight than the last one because of its collective background. Head coach Doug Pederson, offensive coordinator Frank Reich and receivers coach Greg Lewis all played in the NFL. What's more, Pederson and Lewis played for the Eagles.

Navy's Keenan Reynolds is more than just one of the NFL Draft's most interesting prospects - SB Nation
Let's talk to the greatest service academy player since Roger Staubach. He has a lot of options, per usual.

The BGN NFL Draft Party T-Shirts Are Here! - BGN
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