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Eagles Draft Rumors: Jared Goff is the quarterback Philadelphia wants

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Do the Birds have a favorite QB?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There are still rumors about the Philadelphia Eagles trading up in the 2016 NFL Draft despite the Rams moving up to No. 1 earlier today. One report suggests the Eagles could be in play for making a deal with the Cleveland Browns for the second overall pick. Now ESPN's Todd McShay is adding fuel to that fire. McShay has the Eagles trading up for a quarterback in a mock draft simulation he did in a segment on Thursday during NFL Live.

"Number two, I'm starting to get a feeling, and the people I'm talking to, Cleveland may be not in love [with the No. 2 pick]," said McShay. "Philadelphia is a team that's been laying there in the weeds and kind of meeting with all of the quarterbacks. We know they need one. How about they move up to number two and get Jared Goff at that spot. Cleveland flops down and we'll work out the trade details later."

"Jared Goff, I've heard that's the quarterback [the Eagles] have targeted and wanted the whole time. So [Carson] Wentz goes one, Philly may be in play at two."

The Eagles worked out Goff privately and they also brought him to Philadelphia for a pre-draft visit. They've certainly done their homework on him.

It's hard to take this report too seriously, however, because there's just so much misinformation out there at this time of year. One report from earlier this offseason said Doug Pederson really likes Carson Wentz. A more recent one indicates the Eagles will draft Ezekiel Elliot at No. 8 if both quarterbacks are off the board. Then there are conflicting reports about whether the Rams like Wentz or Goff at No. 1.

If the Eagles trade up from No. 8 to No. 2, it won't be cheap. The Eagles already reportedly tried to get to No. 1 but it was too expensive for them. If they really have their hearts set on one of these quarterbacks this year, however, they might need to step up and pay the price.