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Chip Kelly is reportedly already causing problems with the 49ers

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Checking in on the former Eagles coach.

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NFL analyst Brian Baldinger made an interesting comment during a radio appearance on 97.5 The Fanatic's Morning Show on Thursday. In a discussion about Colin Kaepernick's complicated status with the 49ers, Baldinger had this to say about former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly.

Baldinger: "I already hear that there’s problems in the building with [Chip Kelly] and Trent Baalke. I already hear there’s problems. And remember Chip was already saying, ‘Look, I don’t wanna [be involved with] personnel.’ I already hear there’s problems. I talked to somebody tied to the program the other day."

Anthony Gargano: Do they already think it was a mistake bringing him in?

Baldinger: "Well, it was a mistake from the standpoint that one person from the organization wanted him and one didn’t. But the person that made the decision has more of the power. So it’s a problem."

Baldinger didn't really delve into the specifics of what kind of "problems" are being caused. It's also worth noting Kelly has only been there for three months so it's unclear how many issues could really arise. But Baldy did hint it's a player personnel issue. As Eagles fans are well aware, Kelly made a push for personnel control in Philadelphia that resulted in the (temporary) removal of Howie Roseman. Unfortunately for Kelly, his poor personnel moves set the Eagles up for a 6-9 record before he was ultimately fired.

The narrative in San Francisco has been that Kelly won't be as involved in personnel decisions. It's supposedly general manager Trent Baalke running the show there. We'll see if things work out smoothly between Kelly and Baalke or if the 49ers will turn out to be a dysfunctional mess like how it was in Philadelphia.

In the short-term, it will be interesting to see what the 49ers do in this draft. San Francisco picks one spot before the Eagles. The 49ers have been connected to quarterback prospects, just like the Eagles have been, but some insiders believe the 49ers aren't so hot for a passing prospect. From Jason La Canfora:

" ... I continue to hear Chip Kelly is more enamored with trying to resurrect Blaine Gabbert's career than he is with any of the perceived top quarterbacks in this draft ... "

Good luck with that, Chip.

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