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2016 NFL Draft: Rams trade up to No. 1 overall pick with help from the Eagles

So much for the Birds trading up to No. 1.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles will not be trading up to the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. The Los Angeles Rams struck a deal with the Tennessee Titans to move up to the very top of the order. Here's a look at the terms of the trade.

Tennessee Titans receive

2016 first round pick (No. 15)
2016 second round pick (via Philadelphia) (No. 43)
2016 second round pick (No. 45)
2016 third round pick (No. 76)

2017 first round pick
2017 third round pick

Los Angeles Rams receive

2016 first round pick (No. 1)
2016 fourth round pick (No. 113)
2016 sixth round pick (No. 177)


As you can see, that's a pretty big haul for the Titans. The Rams, meanwhile, are clearly looking to draft their new franchise quarterback at No. 1.

This deal has a number of Eagles angles to it. First of all, it means the rumors about the Eagles trading up to No. 1 can stop now. With that said, there have been rumors about the Browns being willing to move down from No. 2. The Birds have shown a lot of interest in quarterbacks this offseason. But the Rams being at No. 1 means the Eagles might not be able to get their top guy.

Part of the reason why the Rams were able to make this deal is because they owned Philadelphia's second round pick this year from the Sam Bradford trade. I wonder if the Eagles actually tried to trade up but got outbid by the team that they gave their pick to last year. If so, ouch.

Speaking of the Bradford trade, so much for the idea of former Eagles savior Nick Foles being a franchise quarterback. He was the worst quarterback in the NFL last year and now he might be out of a job in L.A. if the Rams stick with Case Keenum as a placeholder/backup and Sean Mannion as their third string guy.

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