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Fletcher Cox turned down big contract offer from the Eagles, per report

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The Eagles are still trying to sign their star player.

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It's been a long time since we've heard an update on Fletcher Cox's contract situation with the Eagles. A few months ago it was reported that both sides were "close" on an extension. It was said the deal could be worth over $100 million with at least $60 million guaranteed. But then ESPN insider Adam Schefter denied an extension was close. Cox himself posted some cryptic tweets that made it seem like a deal wasn't immediate. Apparently things weren't so close after all considering a deal still hasn't got done.

In an appearance on NFL Network on Monday morning, Howard Eskin said Cox's agent is responsible for the holdup in negotiations.

It's ridiculous because Fletcher Cox ... a lot of these guys, they listen too much to their agent. His agent is Todd France. The Eagles, I have been told, have offered him over $60 million guaranteed. Now that the contract would be worth over $100 million.

But Todd France has told Fletcher Cox not to accept that, and that's ridiculous because the Eagles could have his rights for three years. The year of the contract left this year, they can franchise him two more years, $60 million guaranteed. Fletcher Cox is not a guy that spends a lot of money, but Todd France represents other defensive lineman. So, and people believe this in football, that he's trying to get an unbelievable deal for Fletcher Cox so his other players' scale of salary would increase and use this to try and get those guys more money.

It’s ridiculous that Fletcher Cox has not signed a contract which guarantees him over $60 million. And a couple years ago, he had some back issues and, I mean, any player can go down, so that’s the problem. The Eagles have offered him a lot of money and his agent, Todd France, said "Nope." And I think he’s using Fletcher Cox for his other players down the line.

It's certainly not unusual that France is trying to get the most money for his client. That's his job. And it's not only for the benefit of Cox, as Eskin points out, but also the benefit of the entire defensive lineman market.

It still feels like it's only a matter of time before both sides work something out. Cox has said he wants to be in Philly and it's clear the Eagles want him to stay. The truth is there's no real rush to get a deal done. Cox is under contract for this season and both sides are aware he could be a franchise tag candidate next offseason. A long-term contract is likely in the best interest of both sides, but neither side needs to rush into anything right now, which is exactly why a deal hasn't been completed.

(Hat tip to Inside the Iggles)