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Eagles Draft Rumors: NFL executives think Philadelphia is likely to trade up into the top 5 picks

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The rumors just won't die.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There sure have been a lot of NFL Draft rumors involving the Philadelphia Eagles lately. The latest tidbits come from Peter King's The MMQB column, where he mentions the Birds several times throughout the piece.

King said he spoke with 10 NFL executives that have control over their team's draft board and draft process. Those executives have identified the Eagles as one of the teams most likely to trade up this year.

What team is most likely to trade into the top five of the first round?

Rams: four votes. Eagles: three votes. Bucs: one vote. Niners: one vote. One vote went to no team. "Price is too high," this person said. "I don’t see anyone trading into the top five."

And then there's this:

Regarding the Titans at 1. New GM Jon Robinson hosts Jalen Ramsey today in Nashville for a visit, and there’s definite interest there, with defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau thought to like the versatility of Ramsey for Tennessee’s barren secondary. One personnel man said over the weekend that the Titans have a definite solid offer for the pick and, if it’s sweetened, could be persuaded to go down a few spots. Which team? Philly’s the common thought, because Roseman trades, and going from eight to one is onerous but possible in terms of price tag. “But no team’s going to do three ones, the way Washington did for RG3,” said one evaluator. “No player in this draft is worth that.”

If the Eagles do move up, it's likely because they want to get a quarterback. King notes that seven executives think Carson Wentz will be the first passer drafted while three said Jared Goff.

It's hard to dismiss all the recent rumors about the Eagles wanting a quarterback. Here's a recap of what we've heard leading up to this point.

March 23 - An NFC executive thinks the Eagles will trade up to draft Carson Wentz.

March 24 - The Eagles are rumored to be one of four teams in play to trade up to the No. 1 overall pick.

April 4 - There's a 50% chance the Titans trade the No. 1 pick and Eagles could be in play.

April 5 - Doug Pederson reportedly loves Carson Wentz and the Eagles are trying to get him.

April 8 - Eagles inquired about moving up to the No. 1 overall pick.

Whether you choose to believe the rumors or not is up to you. For what it's worth, here's what King said about the possibility of the Eagles drafting a quarterback: "Don’t dismiss it [...] I wouldn’t put it past the Eagles, if they love one of these quarterbacks, to pick him in the first round."

King later goes on to say that the money the Eagles gave to Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel this offseason doesn't necessarily make them long-term options. He's right about that. Both players are pretty expendable after the 2016 season.

And so with roughly 2.5 weeks until the 2016 NFL Draft starts, one can't help but wonder if the rumors are true. The Eagles have shown so much interest in quarterback prospects this offseason. They prioritized trading into the top 10. They might not have the advantage of drafting this high again so this could be their prime chance to give Doug Pederson a top passing prospect to groom for the future.

The Eagles have a big decision to make. Draft night can't get here soon enough.