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NFL Draft 2016: Five players the Eagles could target with the No. 8 pick

Holy crap, they pulled this trade off. Let's party.

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The Eagles are sitting pretty in the top ten of the draft after a trade with the Miami Dolphins. There are plenty of nice options for the Eagles at eight, but only a few players who can make a serious impact. Here are some players the Eagles should target now that they traded their No. 13 selection for the No. 8 pick.

  • Laremy Tunsil: While it is unlikely that the Ole Miss tackle will fall past the third pick in the draft, the Eagles may want to consider an aggressive move up to draft the 21 year old talent. Tunsil is a generational talent at the tackle position and god knows the Eagles need talent along their offensive line. Tunsil would provide a blue chip talent who could impact at any position, though he could slide in at left tackle and immediately be a star.

  • Myles Jack: With Kiko Alonso on the outs, there is a big question at the third linebacker position. We know that Mychael Kendricks and Jordan Hicks can have a big impact on the game, but adding another stud athlete to the group would take the defense to a new level. Myles Jack is a special athlete at the linebacker position and he could take over as MIKE in a cinch. The combined athletic ability of that linebacking group would make the middle of the filed incredibly hard to throw at and they would also be an excellent compliment to the wide nine alignment that Jim Schwartz likes to employ.

  • Sheldon Rankins: Speaking of the wide nine, the Eagles will likely want another player who could wreak havoc in that second three technique spot. Rankins is a beast at tackle and his explosive ability will be incredibly hard to contain, especially playing next to Fletcher Cox. Rankins would be a bit of a luxury addition, but his impact cannot be understated.

  • Corey Coleman: The Human Touchdown as I like to call him, Corey Coleman is a special and explosive wide receiver. For a team that is in desperately seeking an explosive element to their offense, adding a player like Coleman would go a long way to bring that dynamic in. Coleman can score at any moment from anywhere on the field and would be a great finishing piece to a young receiving corps.

  • Ezekiel Elliott: This isn't a conversation. This is a fact: Ezekiel Elliott is the best player in this class. The Eagles should do everything in their power to walk away from the draft with him. People want to debase the value of the NFL running back, but when Elliott will be touching the ball 25 times a game, he would make a game changing impact on the team for his time here. Don't overthink, just draft him.

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