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Eagles-Dolphins trade involves first round pick swap in 2016 NFL Draft, per report

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The terms of the trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins have been (unofficially) revealed, according to NFL reporter Albert Breer. The Eagles WILL reportedly get Miami's first round pick at No. 8 overall in the 2016 NFL Draft. In exchange, Philadelphia will send Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso, and the No. 13 overall pick to Miami. No other picks or players are involved.

So not only do the Eagles save $5.8 million in this trade but they also move inside the top ten picks of this year's draft. Now, in theory at least, they'll have a better pool of talent to pick from. One can only wonder: are the Eagles targeting a specific player, such as a quarterback? Might the trade up even further since they have nine picks to work with? We'll have more on Philadelphia's options in the first round in a separate post coming soon.

According to the (unofficial) draft value chart, the No. 8 pick is worth 1,400 points while the No. 13 selection is worth 1,150. The difference is worth 250 points, which is exactly what the fourth pick in the third round is worth. So that's what Maxwell and Alonso ended up being worth in this deal.

Overall, it's hard not to like this deal for the Birds. Maxwell wasn't worth his contract. Alonso has talent but he looked really, really bad in 2015 and his injury history is also a concern. Neither player was a sure-fire piece for the long-term vision of this team. Meanwhile, this trade could help the Eagles get an elite talent in the draft.

While this trade looks nice on paper, the Eagles still have a lot of work to do. They need to fill the roster holes left behind by Maxwell and Alonso. They also really need to hit on that first round pick.

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