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This Eagles-Dolphins trade situation is a complicated mess

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This Eagles-Dolphins trade (or non-trade?) is a complicated mess, thanks to Byron Maxwell. It doesn't seem like anyone has a real idea of what's even going on anymore. Here are your latest updates.

NFL Network says there's a good chance the deal still goes through.

But Dolphins reporter Omar Kelly says it's falling apart and Miami is trying to get veteran cornerback Brent Grimes, who they planned on releasing, to stay.

Even the teams don't know what's going on!

Whether or not the deal goes through isn't even the only complication here. There's the matter of Maxwell reportedly lying about the severity of his injury. Then there's the ramifications this deal/non-deal will have on each team's NFL free agency plans, roster needs, and cap space. It's a total clusterf***.

I guess we'll have a better sense of what actually happens when the new league year officially begins at 4:00 PM ET. In the meantime, we're all left waiting in limbo and it's not very fun. What once looked like a good deal for the Eagles now might be a lesser trade or not even one at all.

What a mess.

UPDATE: Or maybe not so messy after all!?!

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