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Byron Maxwell reportedly told the Eagles he was healthy but told the Dolphins he's hurt

So which one is it?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As of this posting, it's still unclear whether or not the Eagles-Dolphins trade that would send Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso will go through. The holdup in the deal is apparently the status of Byron Maxwell's shoulder. Speaking of that, here are some more details from Les Bowen:

So Maxwell lied to the Eagles about his shoulder being healthy? Or ... he's actually healthy and he lied to the Dolphins about the severity of the injury?

Either way, this is a messy situation. The Eagles were reportedly set to get Miami's No. 8 overall pick in exchange for No. 13 in this deal. It's still possible this deal goes through, but there's a chance it may be called off. And all thanks to Byron Maxwell.

UPDATE: Here's the latest on the deal.

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