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Eagles-Dolphins trade may be called off due to Byron Maxwell injury

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The rumored trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins might not go down after all, according to a report from ESPN.

Yikes. It's not officially canceled, however.

Assuming the deal doesn't go through, the Eagles could be stuck with Maxwell and his $9.7 million cap figure for the 2016 season. The Eagles were set to save to $4.9 million this year by sending him to Miami. Getting rid of Alonso would bring the total savings up to around $5.8 million. Not having this extra money could mess with Philadelphia's free agency plans as the new league year is set to begin at 4:00 PM ET today.

Maxwell suffered a shoulder injury late during the 2015 season that kept him out of Philadelphia's final two games. Along with Alonso, he reportedly took a physical with the Dolphins on Tuesday.

Maybe the Dolphins are having second thoughts on the trade due to the negative public response. Maybe they're trying to get out of this deal before it becomes official. Or maybe they're trying to use Maxwell's shoulder as a way to change the compensation they're sending to the Eagles. Though we don't know the exact draft picks involved yet, this trade is rumored to be lopsided in Philadelphia's favor.

And so we'll be waiting to see what ultimately happens with this one. Stay tuned to BGN for all the latest updates and rumors.


UPDATE #2: Still some hope?

UPDATE #3: I don't even know how to react to this.

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