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New Eagles cornerback Leodis McKelvin took a shot at Chip Kelly

Welcome to Philly, Mr. McKelvin.

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The Philadelphia Eagles held a press conference for newly signed cornerback Leodis McKelvin on Tuesday evening. McKelvin was asked a number of questions such as his connection with Jim Schwartz, his expected role in the defense, etc. But one of the most interesting responses McKelvin had was the answer he gave when asked to explain how he was able to pick off Sam Bradford by ripping the ball away from Brent Celek in Philadelphia's Week 14 game against the Bills.

"They kept on running it!" McKelvin exclaimed. "They kept of running it. They ran it about four or five times going down the field … they switched it to the other side. They kept on running it, and I just had a feeling they were going to go back to it."

This certainly isn't the first time we've heard Chip Kelly accused of being too predictable on offense. McKelvin isn't lying, though. He did know the ball was coming. McKelvin starts the play lined up across from Riley Cooper, who is running a go route. But as soon as Bradford starts his throwing motion, McKelvin hands Cooper off to the safety and turns his head/body to focus on Brent Celek, who is running a corner route. Take a look how McKelvin isn't even looking at Bradford during the play.

McKelvin's excellent recognition allowed him to be in position to make this incredible play on the ball.

"We were working on the things they were going to do to us," he said. "If we were going to switch it, or I stay on the outside, and the safety get the post route, and the seven route come to me. And that was pretty much what we had going on. We kept on doing that [when] they kept repeating the offense, so I seen the ball and I just went and go get it. Great play happened.”

In fairness to Kelly, the Eagles still won this game. So even though the Birds may have been predictable, Buffalo couldn't stop it. It's also worth pointing out that the Bills were predictable as well. Ed Reynolds told me after the game that the play Sammy Watkins scored on early in the game was basically the same play that Reynolds managed to come away with the game-sealing interception in the fourth. And Kelly is gone now anyway, so who cares.

What matters moving forward is the Eagles added a cornerback like McKelvin who has the ability to read the offense and make plays like he did with this interception.


McKelvin also said he picked Philadelphia because of Schwartz (duh) but he didn't really give away if he'd be a starter of not. He said he's going to "contribute and compete" and play wherever the coaches want him to play, inside or outside.

Another interesting note is that McKelvin said the Eagles wanted

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