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Dolphins-Eagles trade rumored to be lopsided in favor of Philadelphia [UPDATE]

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It's been over 24 hours since the Eagles' trade sending Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso to the Miami Dolphins was first reported, but we still don't know exactly what the full details. Everyone is waiting to see what kind of draft picks the Eagles get in return. In the meantime, here are some interesting tidbits regarding the deal. Before we go any further, note that these are all unconfirmed rumors. Take it with a grain of salt.

• When Adam Schefter broke the trade on NFL Live yesterday, he mentioned that both the Eagles and Dolphins are exchanging draft compensation. No specifics were mentioned.

• Very early on Tuesday morning, Twitter user @AllbrightNFL said that the trade involved Philadelphia and Miami swapping first round picks (Eagles get No. 8, Dolphins get No. 13). He also said the Birds would give up a fourth round pick to Miami. Allbright then deleted that tweet and sent out the following message: "I deleted a tweet containing info passed to me, that I apparently wasn't suppossed to give out. If this is an issue for you, i apologize."

• BGN Radio host John Barchard did some digging on Tuesday and sent out the following tweets.

• Back to Allbright. In responding to a fan asking if the Dolphins were getting the fourth round pick mentioned above, he said the Eagles would be getting it instead.

So here's what this deal might look like if rumors are to believed ...

Eagles get: Dolphins 1st round pick (No. 8), Dolphins 4th round pick
Dolphins get: Eagles 1st round pick (No. 13), Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso

This deal almost seems too good to be true for the Birds. They're the ones shedding salary by getting rid of Maxwell. Moving up five spots in the first round AND getting a fourth round pick would be a steal. I'd caution against getting too excited about this deal. Remember the Nick Foles-Sam Bradford trade last year? There were a lot of inaccurate reports about the potential pick compensation before it was ultimately revealed the Eagles were giving up their 2016 second round pick.

The Eagles-Dolphins trade won't be officially finalized until the new league year begins tomorrow on Wednesday, March 9 at 4:00 PM ET. We might just have to wait until then to see the real terms of this deal.


Here's a little update while we wait: Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso are reportedly in Miami to take physicals to make sure the deal goes through.


UPDATE: And now we have a denial.

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