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Eagles don't want to force pick on a quarterback in first round of 2016 NFL Draft

It seems like the Eagles might not be thinking about a QB in the first round.

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Despite re-signing Sam Bradford to a two-year contract, the Philadelphia Eagles still need to address the quarterback position this offseason. Bradford's deal proves the team currently doesn't think he's the long-term answer, though it gives him a chance to prove he is. Still, the Eagles can't afford to put all their eggs in the Bradford basket. There's a reasonable chance he won't pan out. So with that in mind, the Eagles should be looking ahead to the 2016 NFL Draft. Just don't expect them to force a pick on a quarterback early on.

"I don't think we can force anything," Howie Roseman said via "For us, it was two separate questions when we evaluate our draft class and the team now. It was a priority for us to get (Bradford) back and also have that position stocked."

Earlier this offseason, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson hinted that the team is interested in drafting a passer that can sit on the bench for a year or two. In a recent interview, however, he didn't might it sound like the team is going to spend a high pick on one.

"Oh, I don't know about [taking a QB] at 13," Pederson said via PhillyVoice. "Obviously, if the right guy is there..."

Maybe the right guy will be there. Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch is the passing prospect often connected to the Eagles at No. 13. He's a raw guy who would need some seasoning before he's ready to play in the NFL. The Birds could take him and stash him. Carson Wentz and Jared Goff could also be options in the first round. For what it's worth, they're both not currently projected to make it to Philadelphia's pick.

If the right guy isn't there, the Eagles can simply take the best player available or trade down. A lot of people have suggested the Birds should move down in order to get a second round pick back. That opportunity might not present itself, but it's worth considering.

The tricky part about the Eagles not forcing a pick on a quarterback in the first is that they won't be picking again until the third round. Roseman might be able to package some picks in order to get a quarterback who falls into the second, but that's going to require some luck. It's hard to gamble on the quarterback position because all it takes is one team to ruin your plan. (See: Russell Wilson). It's also difficult because using late picks on quarterbacks is often just a waste aside from some very rare exceptions.

The Eagles could really benefit from adding a stud offensive lineman or a dynamic wide receiver or some other kind of impact talent at No. 13. Those players could help the Eagles in the present, which is significant because the team seems to be in a win-now mode. But sooner or later the Eagles are also going to need a legitimate franchise quarterback. And if the oft-injured and habitually under-performing Bradford can't be that guy, which isn't impossible, the team will need to have an option ready waiting in the wings.

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