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Eagles News: Philadelphia's interest in NFL Draft quarterbacks isn't a smoke screen

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/31/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Smoke Screen? No, Eagles On the Hunt For a Franchise Quarterback - Birds 24/7
So no, I don’t see this QB journey as an elaborate smoke screen. I see the brass of a quarterback-needy team out on the hunt for a quarterback. Whether they ultimately make a splash and push up for one will come down to 1) their final evaluation of Wentz and Goff versus Lynch and the rest of the class and 2) whether they’re able to out-maneuver the rest of the quarterback-hungry teams around them. It might prove to be a difficult feat, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try like hell if they have the quarterback of the future in their sights.

Eagles spotted having dinner with Carson Wentz - BGN
From late last night.

Report: Eagles scheduled to work out NDSU quarterback Carson Wentz - PhillyVoice
In December we published a detailed review of Wentz's game. Wentz is big, he has a good arm, a quick release, and he's surprisingly athletic. While he played at a lower level in college, Wentz operated in an offense that had pro-style concepts, prompting some to believe he's more pro-ready than other quarterbacks who played in more remedial offenses at a more competitive college level. The Eagles are going to draft a quarterback. Bank on it. It's only a matter of who and in what round.

Eagles Working Out Everyone - Iggles Blitz
Lurie is actually going on some of the trips to work out QBs. He did this in 2013 when the Eagles checked out Geno Smith. Some people think that means his presence is no big deal. The Eagles didn’t like Smith, passing on him in the 1st and even 2nd round. Understand that going to check out a prospect doesn’t mean you love the player. It means you have interest and want to do more research. The Eagles checked out Smith in 2013 and came away with more questions than answers. I doubt he was on the draft board at all after that. These scouting trips are not just cosmetic. These aren’t smokescreens. The Eagles are doing their homework to make sure they make the right decision in April.

A look at why the Eagles are still so interested in quarterbacks - Morning Call
It would be foolish for any of the 32 franchises in this league, regardless of their quarterback strength, to not try finding out everything they can about true potential difference-makers. That's certainly what most believe Wentz to be, but also QBs like Cal's Jared Goff and Memphis' Paxton Lynch too. So what's the true interest level of the Eagles? Guess it's high, considering Bradford's injury history, backup Chase Daniel's lack of big-game experience and the fact that if they have a chance to take an impact player at the most important position, they're going to do it.

Early Birds: Pederson on Bradford, drafting a QB - Inquirer
The implications of drafting a quarterback in the first round are different than doing so in the seventh round, but the Eagles already made a significant investment in Sam Bradford being the starter for the 2016 season. Still, if the Eagles take a quarterback in the early rounds of the draft, it raises the question of what that would signal to Bradford. His contract is structured so most of the money is in the first year of the deal, so Bradford likely knows there is not a long-term commitment now. But Pederson shared his memories of Brett Favre’s reaction when the Packers brought in quarterbacks as an example of how the No. 1 quarterback must think. "He didn’t think about it one bit," Pederson said. "And honestly, if you’re the starter, who cares? Who cares? Why are you looking over your shoulder, if you’re the starter. And that’s the way Sam has to approach this. Even with Chase [Daniel] there. And even if we go out and draft a quarterback this year. If you’re the guy, you’re the guy. You’re looking forward and not behind. If you’re constantly looking behind, that’s a problem."

Should Eagles draft Jared Goff or Carson Wentz with No. 8 pick? -
Here is a reality -- even if they might believe it, the chances of Bradford being the franchise quarterback for this team are slim.  It's been six years and Bradford has yet to show he is a franchise quarterback, and no amount of guaranteed money is going to change that. As head coach Doug Pederson and top personnel executive Howie Roseman have made clear, the goal is to find a quarterback, the most important position in the game.  While they might believe it is Bradford, if their homework this past week and leading up to the draft on the quarterback prospects makes them believe a player like Wentz or Goff is a better option, they can't pass that player up.

Eagles draft targets at 8: Is Ezekiel Elliott worth it? - CSN Philly
There isn't much to say negative about Elliott, who regardless of what position he plays is one of the most complete prospects in the draft. It would not be surprising at all if he's not available when the Eagles are on the clock. Heck, he could come off the board in the top five and nobody would be surprised. If the Eagles do have a shot, they will surely weigh how Elliott might transform the entire offense. Having a special back that defenses have to game-plan for would take so much pressure off of the quarterback and defense, even the offensive line if he's that good.

The Agony That Is The Next Four Weeks -
I've given up on the mock drafts, and have vowed to abstain for the next four weeks. The guesswork means nothing. The projections are just hot air. I'm living in a bubble until April 28 arrives ...

5 boom-or-bust prospects in the 2016 NFL draft - PFF
Hargreaves’ playmaking ability is unquestioned, but his regression as a junior is a concern. After recording the second-highest coverage grade in 2014, VHIII fell to 71st last season. The big plays remained (four interceptions and four pass deflections), but Hargreaves appeared to abandon his responsibility on occasion in favor of personal statistics. He gave up 380 yards on just 24 receptions, jumping routes underneath in both man and zone coverage. Hargreaves was beat with authority on a number of double moves as a junior and busted a handful of deep third coverages. The size criticism is, in many ways, the least of his concerns. Although he doesn’t always display physicality in press coverage, and when shedding blocks in the screen game, Hargreaves is capable of challenging receivers at the catch point despite his short stature.

The NFL would rather look stupid than evil - SB Nation
It's getting harder and harder to take the NFL at its word.

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