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Tom Coughlin's interview with the Philadelphia Eagles was a disaster, per report


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One of the more bizarre turns in the Eagles' search for a new head coach this offseason was when Philadelphia interviewed long-time Giants leader Tom Coughlin. After two interviews with the Eagles, Coughlin reportedly withdrew his name from the search. Or did he? A new report from Gary Myers of the New York Daily News reveals it was the Eagles who turned down Coughlin.

Apparently, the moment was not right when he interviewed with the Eagles one week after he left the Giants. Even though the Coughlin camp put a spin on the interview with the Philly higher-ups by saying Coughlin withdrew from consideration because he couldn’t bring the core of his staff with him after McAdoo was promoted to replace him and retained much of his crew, others have since said Coughlin was not going to be offered the job.


The interview was a disaster.

Coughlin acted like a 20-year old whose girlfriend had dumped him and he was trying to make her jealous by dating her No. 1 enemy on the rebound. NFL sources say his hard feelings for the Giants came through loud and clear in the interview with the Eagles brain trust, which included owner Jeffrey Lurie, and he was obsessed with how he felt wronged by the Giants. He was not forthcoming about his plans for his staff. He came off more concerned with making the Giants look bad than being consumed with coaching the Eagles.

Coughlin being grumpy somehow isn't hard to believe after watching his face get red and his arms flail around while stomping around on the sidelines all these years. Coughlin himself recently admitted he still has hard feelings about how he lost his job. Myers also reports that Coughlin still hangs around at the Giants' facility despite essentially being fired earlier this offseason. Talk about awkward.

It remains to be seen if the Doug Pederson hire was a good choice by the Eagles. In the meantime we can glean that hiring Coughlin would probably not have been the right call.

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