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Eagles players are working out with a 2016 NFL Draft wide receiver prospect

Extra intel.

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As we mentioned earlier this week, Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford is hosting Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz at his home in Oklahoma. Matthews has been sharing glimpses of the trio's adventures on Snapchat. One of Matthews' snaps revealed that he was working out with 2016 NFL draft prospect and Sooners wide receiver Sterling Shepard (hat tip to Inside the Iggles).

Why is this noteworthy? Well, it's not super meaningful but it's just a little interesting. The Eagles' front office will surely have their own opinion on Shepard but it can't hurt for them to get some extra insight from their own players. Also if Bradford is throwing passes to Shepard now maybe they can get a jump start on developing some chemistry. Who knows.

BGN draft analyst Ben Natan wrote about Shepard earlier this offseason.

Sterling Shepard has a lot of Randall Cobb to his game. He has awesome quickness and is dependable catching the ball in space, but is not ideally the type of receiver a team is looking at on every down. He lacks the strength to spearhead a passing game, but would be absolutely deadly as a number two who is operating primarily out of the slot. I think Shepard is limited in certain aspects, but I think he can be an incredibly productive and reliable player in the NFL.

The Eagles added some wide receivers in free agency this offseason by signing Chris Grivens and Rueben Randle. Both guys are coming in on one-year contracts, however, so they're not exactly long-term pieces. Philadelphia could afford to draft another receiver at some point. For what it's worth, CBS Sports projects Shepard as a second or third round pick.

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