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Eagles News: Mike Mayock thinks Philadelphia should draft one of two quarterbacks at No. 8

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/24/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Mayock: Goff-Wentz as good, maybe better than Winston-Mariota -
Mayock said during a discussion with his fellow analysts that he considers the consensus top two QBs in this year's draft, Goff and North Dakota State's Carson Wentz, to be just as good and maybe even better than the top two QBs in last year's draft, Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston. "The statement I'm going to make to you guys, and you can tell me whether you agree or not, is I'm at the point now with both Wentz and Goff where I think they're every bit as good, if not better, than Winston and Mariota from a year ago as prospects," Mayock said.

Dougie Speaks - Iggles Blitz
BGN has a report about the Eagles being thought of as a team that could move up for Wentz
. This nugget comes from an NFL executive so it isn’t complete nonsense. Honestly, it wouldn’t shock me if the Eagles fell in love with a QB and did something like this. You rarely get a Top 10 pick. If you do and there’s a QB you like, it does make some sense to make the move and get a QB you believe in.

Chip Kelly paints an asinine picture of the Eagles' 2015 front office structure - PhillyVoice
Kelly also revealed today that he and Roseman did not speak. When asked if it might be a good idea if the head coach with full roster control had some kind of direct communication with the person negotiating player contracts, Kelly responded, "Yeah, you’d think."

Chip & Doug's opposite styles on display - Daily News
Two tables at the NFC coaches' breakfast Wednesday, the final day of the NFL meetings. Two very different-sounding coaches, Kelly now with the 49ers, Pederson settling in as Kelly's Eagles successor. "Having the relationship with the players is key. I can connect with them, they can connect with me. I've been in the locker room before. I understand that dynamic and how that works," said Pederson, a former journeyman NFL quarterback. Pederson said he wants a player to see him as "someone he can come to at any time. Almost like a - I don't want to say 'a father figure,' but like a son going to your dad.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Lurie On Changing Times - Birds 24/7
"In today’s NFL, I don’t know what the words ‘general’ and ‘manager’ mean," Lurie responded. "So we’re trying to be a little more specific and say ‘football operations,’ because when you’re managing football operations, it’s no longer about watching tape, figuring out who to draft and that kind of stuff. It’s extraordinary collaborative. It’s information intensive." Roseman’s title is Executive Vice President of Football Operations, and according to Lurie, it’s reflective of the changing times. The Eagles’ owner emphasized that studying film will always be the core of what the head of the personnel department does, but that the peripheral duties evolve and "information processing" is now a critical element of that.

Harris hire part of Pirates' continuing search for outside-the-box thinking - TribLive
Neal Huntington and Chip Kelly grew up 20 miles apart in New Hampshire — Kelly is five years Huntington's senior ­— yet the Granite State natives had never met. But they had admired each other's professional work from a distance. The Pirates are viewed as a forward-thinking organization, and Kelly's Eagles were regarded as perhaps the most cutting-edge team in the NFL, and most controversial, not just in regard to their up-tempo offense but for their attempts to maximize player performance.

Predicting Eagles' wide receiver depth chart after signing of Rueben Randle -
Huff is a real wild card among the Eagles' receivers. He showed last season he can make plays when the ball is in his hands, and is arguably the toughest receiver on the Eagles to bring down. The issue with Huff is consistency, as he would have a big game one week, then disappear the next. Huff could be anywhere from the No. 2 receiver on the team to traded by the time Week 1 come around.

Free agency grades for every NFC East team - PFF
In addition to the deep-cleaning of the roster, the Eagles also made some shrewd acquisitions, with safety Rodney McLeod and G Brandon Brooks, in particular, addressing areas of need. McLeod has back-to-back seasons with solid PFF coverage grades, and makes the kind of monster hits that will endear him to Philadelphia fans in a heartbeat. Brooks has been a Pro-Bowl caliber guard for Houston, and even last season when in a down year, he was still a strong pass-blocking guard, something the Eagles struggled badly with a year ago.

Philadelphia Eagles 2016 NFL Draft Reset: Offensive line needs work - CBS Sports
Rebuilding the offensive line was the Eagles' biggest priority going into the offseason. They signed 6-5, 335-pound guard Brandon Brooks, who was a three-year starter for Houston. Brooks will be the starting right guard. But they still need to upgrade the left guard spot and also need to plan for life after Jason Peters. The six-time Pro Bowl left tackle is 34 and is coming off an injury-plagued season.

Pederson Enjoying NFL's Coaching Track -
BOCA RATON, Fla – This is part of a series of firsts for Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, this NFL Annual Meeting, which wrapped up on Wednesday afternoon. He understands better the scope of the league, the enormity of the challenge to engage fans more every year and the extraordinarily competitive nature of the game. The learning process continues …

Chip Kelly denies Eagles made offer to get Marcus Mariota - CSN Philly
"It was never my plan to ransom everything for one player," Kelly said. "And to make that jump ... I think the one metric you always had was what did St. Louis give up to go from 6 to 2? And now you’re talking about us going from 20 to 2, that was ... if you’re on the other side, you say ‘Hey, this is what St. Louis gave up a couple years ago, for you to make that jump, it’s going to take this.’"

Eagles want to recapture the brotherhood they lost during the Chip Kelly era - SB Nation
Usually teams are built around quarterbacks, but in Philadelphia that's a little trickier with Bradford not taking a leadership role until the last half of the 2015 season. Pederson noted, "The fact that he himself put himself in a leadership role toward the end of the season proves to me that he can handle going forward this role and the opportunity to start." Despite Bradford's efforts with Ertz and Matthews, that might not be enough to build the kind of locker room rapport that the team once had. That role might be placed in the hands of the defense in 2016. In fact, a position group often criticized could be just the group to lead the next generation of Eagles players.

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