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Sam Bradford is hosting Eagles teammates Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz at his Oklahoma house

Best buds.

Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz were two of Sam Bradford's biggest advocates after the 2015 season ended. The young pass catchers, who built a chemistry with Bradford as the season went on, made it clear they believed in their quarterback and wanted the Philadelphia Eagles to keep him. Matthews and Ertz got their wish as the Birds re-signed Bradford to a two-year contract. Now Bradford is showing some love in return by hosting his teammates at his home in Oklahoma this week. A few weeks ago, this is something Bradford said he planned to do.

"I've been talking to Jordan and Ertz, trying to get them to come out to Oklahoma and hang out," Bradford said. "But we're trying to get that group. Start talking with a few of the other guys, try to find some dates here in the next month because I think it'd be great just for them to come out and just hang out. How much we work out or throw ... I just think spending the time together at this time of the year is the most important thing."

Here's proof that the trio are hanging out, via Jordan Matthews' Snapchat account (jmattjmattjmatt)

Matthews seems to be really enjoying his stay at Bradford's home, which must be nice.

"I think the one room Sam got me in better than my whole place in Tennessee. He don’t know it. I think I might go ahead just crash here for the whole year."

Matthews also posed with Bradford's Heisman Trophy.

"Just chilling with my boy for the whole week. You know. We’re just crashing. This is my roommate for the time being."

So what are the guys actually up to at Bradford's house? Watching movies, of course.

And picking up Ertz.

And some more lounging:

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