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Eagles News: Michael Irvin says the Doug Pederson hire was an apology to Andy Reid

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/21/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Michael Irvin To Andy Reid: Hiring Doug Pederson Was An Eagles Apology - CBS Philly
"It’s funny, and I joked with him a lot about this last time when I saw Andy at the [NFL] combine," Irvin continued. "I was talking to him, we were hanging out. I said to him then, I said, ‘Man, I guess that’s the only way they could say I’m sorry. We messed up. They can’t bring you back, but they bring back your under-study. Like, aw man, we need Andy back!’ I always thought he was one of the greatest coaches — he’s one of the best coaches in the NFL."

Will Eagles' Jeff Lurie be memorable at this week's NFL meetings? - Daily News
In retrospect, the seeds of eventual trouble can be discerned from Lurie's address at last year's meetings. A few weeks before, Kelly had brushed off any responsibility for the changes, telling reporters the whole thing was Lurie's idea. Then Lurie, while enthusiastically endorsing Kelly, made it clear that was not the case. The theme of Kelly ducking responsibility would resonate through the 2015 season. It might not have been a total accident that the coach was fired the day after he responded to a question about balancing coaching and general-managing duties by protesting that he was not the GM. Like so many things Kelly said, that was true in a very narrow, technical sense, false in a broader, functional sense. And it came off as a pathetic attempt at excuse-making.

Backup DL - Iggles Blitz
One of the things I’m curious about is the kind of DL Jim Schwartz will go after as backups. I say Schwartz, but obviously Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson will have a say in this as well. One of the big factors in my mind is whether the team thinks it has much of a chance to afford Bennie Logan in the future. The Eagles pay good money to DEs Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry. Fletcher Cox makes a fair amount now and will be getting mega-bucks sometime in the next year. Can you afford to also play the 4th starter big dollars? I think Logan will play well in the new scheme and won’t be cheap to keep around.

Still Needs To Address For Eagles -
This is a respite in the season of strategy for NFL teams. The NFL’s Annual Meeting takes place through Wednesday, and while there will be the usual kibbitizing between deal-makers and those in charge of shaping team rosters, much of the time here is spent on relaxation, hearing on the state of the league and discussing policy changes for the season ahead.

Howie Roseman (version 2.0) has been nothing short of a miracle worker - PhillyVoice
So far, Howie Roseman’s sequel as Eagles GM bears almost no resemblance to his bumbling previous tenure, when he squandered draft picks and alienated everybody except his boss, owner Jeffrey Lurie. This new, improved Howie Roseman is slicker, quicker, and far more open to his co-workers’ opinions. As Al Michaels once said: Do you believe in miracles? By any measure, what Roseman did in the first week of free agency was remarkable, especially given the team’s cap-space limitations created by the worst one-year GM in Eagles’ history, Chip Kelly. Brandishing his spite like a lethal weapon, Roseman undid several of Kelly’s biggest gaffes and provided real hope for the 2016 season.

In-state NFL prospects the Eagles could land in draft - Metro
Tyler Boyd - CBS compares him to Nelson Agholor, for whatever positives and negatives that’s worth.  A lot of people were excited about Agholor entering 2015.  His production is outstanding, and more reminiscent of the mark Jordan Matthews left on Vanderbilt. Boyd leaves Pittsburgh as a career record holder with 3,361 yards on 254 catches over just three years of work.  Each of those three years he was catching passes from a new quarterback. In 2015 he was the Panthers best weapon and opponents knew it.  Pittsburgh lined him up at running back (520 career rushing yards,) asked him to throw a couple passes, and used him to return kicks and punts.  With all the roles and attention, Boyd still reeled in 91 receptions.  He was the first receiver in ACC history to have 1,000 yards in both of his first two seasons, and spent a lot of his time at Pitt breaking Larry Fitzgerald’s records.  Eagles fans will be intimately familiar with Fitzgerald.

Mark Sanchez talks trade reaction, praises Chip Kelly - CSN Philly
While Sanchez declined to answer if he was given a real shot to start in Philadelphia, he was effusive in his praise for the embattled Kelly. "I really loved Chip. I loved his system," Sanchez said. "I had an absolute blast playing for him. I think he’s a heck of a competitor and an innovative offensive mind." While Kelly has moved on to coach the San Francisco 49ers, Sanchez may be asked to step into the retired Peyton Manning's shoes and start for the Super Bowl champion Broncos.

NFC East Roundup: Washington Conserves Cash - Birds 24/7
Now that most of the marquee off-season free agency signings have died down, let’s check in with the Eagles’ NFC East rivals to see how their off-seasons are coming along.

Before an NFL General Manager Drafts a Cornerback in the First Round, They Might Want to Check Out These Numbers - NFL Draft Report
While most fans relate the success of a cornerback to the amount of interceptions he is able to record, there is a lot more that goes into developing the complete cornerback. Operating out on an island, they must be able to handle man coverage assignments, along with showing the ability to switch off assignments when utilized in zone coverage. Most NFL teams require big, fast defensive backs, as the league continues to develop tight end-sized receivers to stretch the field. One other critical factor teams look for in an elite cornerback is his ability to come into the box and support vs. the run. At The NFL Draft Report, we feel that potential is a "nice" word, but we prefer our athletes to perform. Most teams recognize five defensive backs in the draft class that are worthy of first round consideration. One – Jalen Ramsey, is also receiving serious consideration for the top overall pick currently held by the Tennessee Titans.

Richard Sherman says bad NFL rules are made by 'a bunch of guys who never played' - SB Nation
Sherman says Roger Goodell's idea to eject players for multiple unsportsmanlike penalties is "foolish."

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