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Super Bowl Odds 2017: NFL free agency changed where the Eagles rank

Will this be the year? Eh, maybe not.

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Each year Bovada releases Super Bowl odds for the next season after the first wave of NFL free agency is over. The last time we checked in on the Eagles' Super Bowl odds was right after the big game itself. Philadelphia was listed at 33/1, which was tied with eight other teams for the 13th best odds. Since then, the Eagles have been busy making a lot of changes in free agency. So what do the odds look like now?

The newest odds have the Eagles listed at 50/1 overall, which is worse than how the team ranked in February. The 10 other teams the Eagles are tied with at 50/1 include the Falcons, Bills, Bears, Lions, Rams, Saints, Jets, Chargers, Buccaneers, and Washington. A total of 16 NFL teams have better odds than the Eagles do. Only five teams have worse odds, including Chip Kelly's 49ers at 66/1.

I'm not so sure what's made the Eagles worse off than they were in February. They didn't really lose any key players. Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso, and DeMarco Murray are big names but were hardly super critical to team success. The Birds plugged some roster holes in free agency so if anything I'd think their roster is better off.

A look around the NFC East shows the Eagles are tied for the worst odds in the division. As already mentioned, Washington is also 50/1 despite finishing on top last year. Note that it's been since 2004 that there's been a repeat winner in the NFC East. The Dallas Cowboys somehow have the best odds of all four teams at 20/1. That figure is down from where it was at 16/1 after the Super Bowl. The New York Giants' odds did not change at all depite making big money signings in free agency. They're still listed at 33/1.

Odds to win the 2017 Super Bowl

First column = 2/8/16
Second column = Current odds (3/16/16)

New England Patriots                            9/1                    15/2
Carolina Panthers                                  9/1                    10/1
Denver Broncos                                    16/1                  10/1
Green Bay Packers                                12/1                  10/1
Pittsburgh Steelers                                12/1                  10/1
Seattle Seahawks                                  9/1                    10/1
Arizona Cardinals                                  14/1                  16/1
Dallas Cowboys                                    16/1                  20/1
Houston Texans                                    40/1                  20/1
Cincinnati Bengals                                 20/1                  22/1
Minnesota Vikings                                 25/1                  22/1
Indianapolis Colts                                  25/1                  25/1
Kansas City Chiefs                                25/1                  25/1
New York Giants                                   33/1                  33/1
Oakland Raiders                                    66/1                  33/1
Baltimore Ravens                                  33/1                  40/1
Atlanta Falcons                                     33/1                  50/1
Buffalo Bills                                          33/1                  50/1
Chicago Bears                                      40/1                  50/1
Detroit Lions                                         33/1                  50/1
Los Angeles Rams                                50/1                  50/1
New Orleans Saints                               33/1                  50/1
New York Jets                                       33/1                  50/1
Philadelphia Eagles                               33/1                  50/1
San Diego Chargers                              50/1                  50/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers                         50/1                  50/1
Washington Redskins                            50/1                  50/1
Jacksonville Jaguars                             66/1                  66/1
Miami Dolphins                                     50/1                  66/1
San Francisco 49ers                              50/1                  66/1
Tennessee Titans                                   66/1                  100/1
Cleveland Browns                                  150/1                150/1

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