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Eagles News: Philadelphia earns the best NFL free agency grade of any team

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/14/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

NFL Free Agency Grades: 32 grades for 32 teams but only one big, fat F - CBS Sports
A+: Ridding themselves of the bad Kelly deals in those trades and moving up in the first round makes this grade. But then they also added some quality players and others for depth. But this grade is about the Chip dump.

Potential Eagles quarterback draft target Dak Prescott arrested - PhillyVoice
In the games I watched, Prescott was not accurate at all throwing deep and intermediate passes. He's high, he's low, he's left, and he's right, but he's rarely hitting his receivers on the mark. He does, however, do a really nice job in the short passing game. While he has the skills to take off and run, he is a "pass first" quarterback, as he will hang in the pocket until his reads have been exhausted, or until he feels pressure. At the Senior Bowl in January, he did not look good at all during the week of practices but then was named the MVP of the game itself.

The QB Situation - Iggles Blitz
I’m going back and forth on Wentz and Goff for the top spot. I do think Goff is the most ready to play. That’s not critical for the Eagles because of the presence of Bradford and Daniel. The Eagles should have the luxury of bringing their rookie along slowly. I’m excited to see what the Eagles do at QB. None of us knows exactly what Pederson is looking for. It will be interesting to see who he pushes for. Howie Roseman is the GM, but he’ll get the QB that his coach wants. That’s not a position where the GM forces his guy on a coach. They’ll be on the same page.

Eagles roster makeover is encouraging, but no indicator of success - Morning Call
Put it this way: In the last five years alone, the Eagles have been in similar positions twice — in 2011 and last year. Each time, the massive changes backfired so spectacularly that they led to the firing of the head coach, although the Eagles let it fester for another full season under Andy Reid. This year is different only in that the head coach is new too, so there will presumably be more patience. But that could even make it worse. It likely will take the Eagles three more years minimum to find out if Pederson was the right hire and if restoring Roseman to power was the right thing to do. And if it turns out they were wrong, they'll be in a world of trouble like no fan alive has seen for this team.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: On the Buffalo Influence - Birds 24/7
The front office is obviously allowing Schwartz to have big sway when it comes to defensive personnel, which seems like an important development. This is a new and unique scheme and and requires specific types of players to be ran well. A prerequisite, it seems, is that the player must be wired to strike. That's a big key to playing linebacker behind the Wide 9, says Bradham.

Fan-Demonium: A Defense To Rep Philly -
We are not projecting the new players into roles and hoping they fit. The Eagles hoped Maxwell and Alonso would be impact starters when they acquired them a year ago. The problem is that both players had success in different types of systems than what the Eagles ran. Add in the complications of adjusting to Chip Kelly's up-tempo system and you can see where that was a tough transition for those players. McKelvin, Brooks and Bradham all came to Philly in part because of Schwartz. They played well in his system back in 2014, with McKelvin and Bradham each having the best season of their careers. Of course they would want to play for that coach and in that system again. It is important to understand that the players didn't have fluky once-in-a-lifetime performances (such as quarterback Nick Foles in 2013).

Eagles think they have the pass rushers - Daily News
PEOPLE RARELY seem to mention the Eagles' pass rush when detailing the problem areas the team must address as it looks for its first playoff win since 2008. Maybe it's because of the numbers Connor Barwin put up two years ago, or because of the presence of Fletcher Cox, or because Bennie Logan and Vinny Curry are two guys whom people love to love. But when you look at the Eagles' performance over the past few years and measure it against the kind of impact that a truly dominant unit can have, I'm not sure that we've paid the front seven enough attention in our evaluations of the great roster rebuild of 2016.

Here is why Eagles will take Jack Conklin at No. 8 overall -
Although he played tackle in college, the believe among NFL scouts is that Conklin could easily start at guard for the Eagles next season to start. That is key, as the Eagles seem set to bring back Jason Peters. With Peters and Johnson starting at tackle, the Eagles still have a major hole at guard, even with the signing of Brooks.  Conklin's ability to play guard means the Eagles could get him on the field right away and also bolster the offensive line. Down the road, Conklin is also an elite tackle prospect, and could take over for Peters as soon as the 2017 season.

Grading every deal of 2016 NFL free agency - PFF
It’s a lot of money, especially since Brooks didn’t have his best year in 2015. But his work prior to that was of a level of a player who deserved to paid near the top of his position. A rare athlete, he can really open up lanes in the run game.

Rams seem fine sticking with a QB group that threw 11 TDs last season - SB Nation
Is that all Keenum's fault? Absolutely not. He finished with four touchdowns, one interception and an 87.7 passer rating in only six games, while Foles was the one who started the majority of the year and finished with seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions. The Rams like Mannion's upside, according to Nick Wagoner of ESPN, and that means Foles is the most likely player on the outs if the team finds another quarterback to add to the fold.

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