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2016 NFL Draft Order: Eagles have four picks in the top 100

Here's where the Eagles will be selecting in this year's draft.

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The entire 2016 NFL Draft order is officially set now that the league has awarded compensatory picks (which the Eagles did not receive). The Eagles own nine picks in total. Here's where the the team is set to pick in each round.

Eagles 2016 Draft Picks

1st - No. 8 - (from the Miami Dolphins)
3rd - No. 77
3rd - No. 79 - (from the Detroit Lions)
4th - No. 100 - (from the Tennessee Titans)
5th - No. 153
5th - No. 164 - (from the Pittsburgh Steelers)
6th - No. 188
7th - No. 233
7th - No. 251 - (from the Arizona Cardinals)


The Eagles have their own pick in every round except the first (pick swap with the Dolphins), the second (Sam Bradford trade with the Rams), and the fourth (pick swap with the Titans). Philadelphia managed to acquire even more picks by making some deals last year. The Eagles traded out of the fourth round in the 2015 NFL Draft to pick up Detroit's third rounder. They acquired the Steelers' fifth round pick in exchange for Brandon Boykin. Lastly, the Eagles somehow managed to get a seventh round draft pick from the Cardinals for Matt Barkley.

There are a number of different directions the Eagles can go with the No. 8 overall pick. Executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman said there are 10 Pro Bowl caliber players in the first round. With the Eagles picking at No. 8, they should be able to get one of those. Maybe it's an offensive lineman, since that's a big need. Cornerback is another position to watch. Quarterback can't be ruled out, and neither can a skill position such as wide receiver or, yes, even running back.

The good news is that the Eagles own four picks in the top 100, so in theory they can add some real quality in this class. The bad news is the loss of that second rounder hurts. Back to the good news ... the Eagles should have plenty of ammo to trade up into the second round. According to the draft pick value chart, for example, Philadelphia's two third round picks could net them a selection in the middle of the second.

Roseman is never shy to make trades so don't expect the Eagles to sit tight at these current spots on draft night. The Birds really need to nail this draft so the pressure is on him to get this right.

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