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Philadelphia Eagles sign Sam Bradford: Do you approve of the deal?

I guess.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles signed Sam Bradford to a two-year contract reportedly worth $36 million over two years with $26 million guaranteed. The exact structure of the new deal isn't know yet. More details will be revealed soon. In the meantime, do you approve of the deal? Here are some pro's and con's.


• The Eagles were able to land Bradford on a short-term deal. It allows them to keep him as the starter for 2016 but possibly get out of the contract early if he struggles. It also allows the Eagles to evaluate him longer before moving on.

• Bradford's last seven game stretch has been overstated, but he did show some kind of improvement.

• Young Eagles players such as Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz seemed to develop a good chemistry with Bradford late in the season. They both vocally wanted him back. So at least some Eagles players are happy he's staying.

• The Eagles don't need to find another quarterback in free agency or the 2016 NFL Draft. It still allows them the flexibility to add a rookie to develop, however.


• If the Eagles aren't really going to be true contender next season anyway, this is a significant amount of money for a placeholder. The team could have held onto that cap space and rolled it over for the future.

Bradford's last seven games weren't as good as most people think. Take the best seven game stretch of every NFL quarterback and Bradford's passer rating only ranked 21st.

• Bradford has never been the quarterback of a team that has won eight games. There's a lot of evidence to suggest he's simply mediocre at best. This new deal could be a waste of time and money.

• Bradford's extensive injury history is still a big concern. He's only started 21 out of his last possible 48 games.

• The Eagles might trick themselves into thinking Bradford is the long-term answer and get stuck in quarterback purgatory if he plays well enough to the point where the Birds can't move on from him but not good enough to help them be actual contenders.


Overall, I think it's kind of a "whatever" deal. I get why the Eagles did it. But it's not very inspiring or anything.

Now it's your turn. Did the Eagles make the right call? Vote below.

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