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Eagles interviewed NFL Network analyst for player personnel job, per report


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Eagles CEO and Chairman Jeffrey Lurie said the organization was going to hire a new player personnel head? And remember how that "search" went nowhere fast before the Eagles tabled it until the 2016 NFL Draft? Several candidates were mentioned at the time: Brandon Hunt of the Steelers, Morocco Brown formerly of the Browns, Eagles direct of pro scouting Dwanye Joseph, and former Buccaneers GM/current ESPN personality Mark Dominik. According to a new report from Jimmy Kempski of PhillyVoice, it turns out Dominik wasn't the only TV analyst in the running. The Eagles reportedly considered NFL Network personality Daniel Jeremiah.

According to a source, before the Eagles put that search on hold, they interviewed NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah for the job.

A spokesperson for the Eagles confirmed that the interview took place, but said that the Eagles did not make a formal offer. Jeremiah subsequently accepted a new long-term contract with NFL Network.

Jeremiah joined the Eagles as a west coast area scout in 2010, which is when current Eagles executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman was promoted to general manager. Jeremiah left the Eagles in 2012 to pursue a media career.

So what does all of this mean? It's hard to say for sure (you can't get this stuff anywhere else, folks) but I have some thoughts. Maybe Roseman wanted to bring in a guy he was familiar with and who previously served under him. Seems reasonable, right. But maybe, just maybe, Lurie didn't want to hire a personnel chief who would simply serve as a lackey to Roseman. That's assuming Jeremiah wanted the job, which isn't clear. So maybe the Eagles not hiring Jeremiah is not a good sign for Roseman? Or maybe this is another sign that the Eagles' personnel job just isn't very desirable, which could be another indictment of Roseman's influence.

While the Eagles wait to hire another a new personnel chief later this offseason, it's clear that Roseman is back in charge in the meantime. He had a role in selecting Doug Pederson as head coach. He's been a big driving force behind the Eagles re-signing their core players this offseason. It's hard to see his power being relinquished moving forward, which is a concern.

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